May 12

Giddy Gridlock (148)


A while back, I made a quilt

Dolce quilt


I had a friend who’s mom saw my blog post and loved the pattern, so I told her how to make it.  She created this beauty.



I love this pattern because whether you use large prints or small prints, it works on both the plus signs and the rectangles.

The ladies from Fons and Porter liked it, too.  So they sent me some fabric (Zen Chic’s Reel Time), and I made another one that I call “Giddy Gridlock.”  They put it in their Quilty Magazine, and it is out on stands now!


Quilts magazine cover








Here is the quilt top when I was debating whether or not to add a border.




Here it is after I decided a border was a good idea.





This is a full size quilt, or a large twin, as I like to call it.  If you want to make one of your own, grab a fat quarter stack of “Reel Time” by Zen Chic.


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May 12

Just an old fashioned quilt (151)

This is the last of my teacher quilts.  I used the same fabric in my Americana Stars quilt, plus a few greens.




When I showed my daughter these fabrics, she said, “I think my teacher has something made with fabric just like that in her room.”  That’s always a good sign.




These are all woven fabrics, so the design is made by string placement rather than a print.  One nice thing about using a woven was that it didn’t seem like there was a front side or a back side.  The hard thing was the looseness of the weave and the fact that it was so hard to cut right on the line since it didn’t lay straight. But, whatever isn’t perfect just adds character, right?




I used a linen cotton blend for the sash and border  of this quilt.  This gives the overall quilt a very rustic feel to it.

This teacher missed all of teacher appreciation week as her father was ill and then, sadly, passed away.  My heart goes out to her, and I hope this quilt can bring her even the slightest bit of comfort in knowing that she is loved.  I’ll give it to her when she returns.

The students handprints and signatures are on the back.  This is a twin quilt.

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May 07

Mirage Quilt (152)

One of my kid’s teachers loves neutrals.  I have only seen her wear one other color besides white, tan, gray, and black.  That is why I created my Mirage Quilt with all neutrals.





Do you see why I call it Mirage?  I swear my eyes go blurry every time I look at it.  I should probably call it “Far Sighted Quilt” or “20/40.”

Here’s a closer look, so you don’t get a migraine…

Mirage quilt


This quilt was a classic “Make it work” moment.  I had already cut up a bunch of square and was going to make a neutral version of a plus quilt, but it did not look good.  At all.  So then, I had a bunch of 4 1/2 inch squares and no plan.  After doing a little math and a lot of sketching, I came up with this quilt design.  I think I just cut the other squares into 2 1/2 inch and 2 inch sections to make the radiating blocks.  She loved it, especially the back, which had all of the kids’ handprints and signatures on it.


This is a twin sized quilt.  Thanks for visiting!






May 02

An X’s and O’s quilt, sort of (151)



A long time ago, I purchased Zen Chic’s “Figures” fat quarter set.  I loved the colors, the saturated color on some fabrics, and the design on white of the other fabrics.


figures zen chic quilt

One of my kid’s teachers (this particular child has two teachers) decorates her room with light blue and yellow.  And she wears a lot of navy, so naturally when I would stare at this fabric, it made me think of her.  I hope she likes it!


easy quilt block

This quilt pattern is based off the X’s and Os quilt pattern, only I used a smaller triangle of fabric on the corners.  Originally, I was thinking of sewing the corners the same way I sewed the snowball quilt, cutting the white corners as squares and then sewing two seams, one for this quilt block, then going back to sew another parallel seam so that when the fabric is cut, I end up with a X and O block and two half square triangles.  But, then I made the mistake of cutting the white blocks into triangles, so I went ahead and scrapped the idea.  But I did save all the extra colored triangles, so plan on finding something fun with those later :)





This quilt is also a twin sized and is quilted together with a lose meandering stitch (white thread).  I backed and bound it with a yellow dotted fabric I found at Hobby Lobby.  On the back also are the kids’ hand prints with their names in them.

I deliver this one on Thursday.  I hope she likes it!


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May 02

“I finally made a snowball quilt” quilt (150)



snowball quilt


I’m pretty sure the first quilt block that I learned the name was the snowball block.  These blocks are so great and versatile, especially when you alternate the colors of the corners, or if you mix it up with other blocks, like a 7-grid chain, or a nice 9-patch.

But it has taken me this long to make a snowball quilt.  I don’t know why.  It was great fun.  And, I even made some extra half square triangles from all the corners that I cut (you’ll be seeing those soon).

These fabrics were from Hobby Lobby.  I never know what type of quilts a teacher will like, but I try to capture their style by the colors they choose for their clothing and their overall personality.  I saw these at Hobby Lobby and thought of my son’s teacher.   After I had purchased them and made the quilt, I showed my son, and he said, “Mom!  Great color choice.  Turquoise is her favorite color!”



This quilt is a twin size, and on the back are the little hand prints of 60 kids.  She’ll get it next week.  Hopefully she really does like turquoise.  :)