“I finally made a snowball quilt” quilt (150)

I’m pretty sure the first quilt block that I learned the name was the snowball block.  These blocks are so great and versatile, especially when you alternate the colors of the corners, or if you mix it up with other blocks, like a 7-grid chain, or a nice 9-patch.

But it has taken me this long to make a snowball quilt.  I don’t know why.  It was great fun.  And, I even made some extra half square triangles from all the corners that I cut (you’ll be seeing those soon).

These fabrics were from Hobby Lobby.  I never know what type of quilts a teacher will like, but I try to capture their style by the colors they choose for their clothing and their overall personality.  I saw these at Hobby Lobby and thought of my son’s teacher.   After I had purchased them and made the quilt, I showed my son, and he said, “Mom!  Great color choice.  Turquoise is her favorite color!”


snowball quilt 2

This quilt is a twin size, and on the back are the little hand prints of 60 kids.  She’ll get it next week.  Hopefully, she really does like turquoise. 

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