Giddy Gridlock (148)

I had a friend whose mom saw my blog post and loved the pattern, so I told her how to make it.  She created this beauty.

Giddy Gridlock 2

I love this pattern because whether you use large prints or small prints, it works on both the plus signs and the rectangles.

The ladies from Fons and Porter liked it, too.  So they sent me some fabric (Zen Chic’s Reel Time), and I made another one that I call “Giddy Gridlock.”  They put it in their Quilty Magazine, and it is out on stands now!

Giddy Gridlock 6
Giddy Gridlock 7

Here is the quilt top when I was debating whether or not to add a border.

Giddy Gridlock 3

Here it is after I decided a border was a good idea.

Giddy Griadlock 4

This is a full-size quilt, or a large twin, as I like to call it.  If you want to make one of your own, grab a fat quarter stack of “Reel Time” by Zen Chic.

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