Scrappy Plus Quilt (155)

Hello!  Welcome back!  Today, I finished quilting my scrappy plus quilt that I showed a LONG time ago in this blog post.  If you remember, it looked like this:

Scrappy Plus Quilt 1

And, now it looks like this:

Scrappy Plus Quilt 3

This quilt top sat lonely and neglected for a long time, waiting for the perfect recipient.  When my pre-schooler saw that I was making teacher quilts for all of the other kids’ teachers, she became a little jealous that they got to give their teachers quilts and she didn’t.  So, I decided to make one of her teachers a quilt (this one), but she really had two teachers, so I decided to give this quilt life and give it to the other teacher.

Scrappy Plus Quilt

I used a relaxed quilting design this time, utilizing the multiple stitch zig-zag option on my sewing machine to make these wonderful wavy lines.  I think once it is washed, those lines will appear more dominant than the seam lines.

Scrappy Plus Quilt 4

The great thing about using these wavy lines is the look it gives to the back of the quilt.

Scrappy Plus Quilt 5

I didn’t have enough fabric to make the entire back yellow, so I added this pop of pink at the top of the quilt.  The binding is a nice gray and white orange-peel design.  I love all of the fabrics used in this quilt because they are, for the most part, very geometric.  I am a big fan of geometric prints.

Scrappy Plus Quilt 6

Here are my daughter’s teachers’ quilts together.  And, of course, she is doing the obligatory quilt dance that she does on every quilt that I have ever made or will ever make.  My apologies to all my recipients.  All of you have quilts that have been danced on or stepped on by my kids.  (We love you!)

Scrappy Plus Quilt 7

Thanks for visiting, everyone!

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