Jelly Boy quilt (39)

I finished a quilt that I was making for a neighbor having their first boy.

I had purchased this Jelly Roll half off at JoAnn.

I wanted to test and see how far one jelly roll could go.  Could it make the whole front of a baby quilt?  I didn’t want to just do a stripe quilt, so I thought I would mix it up by sewing them together on an angle.  I drew lines 2 inches from one end of each strip.  This is where I would place the next strip to be sewn.

Jelly Boy quilt 2

Then, I cut off one side of the selvage edges.

Jelly Boy quilt 3

Then, I put this cut edge along with my cutting board and cut the sewn strips at a 90-degree angle.

Jelly Boy quilt 4

I placed the remaining fabric next to the other side of the sewn strips.

Jelly Boy quilt 5

I sew the two remaining pieces together and clip off the other selvage edge of the strips.

I then added a cream-colored sashing and prepared a backing for the quilt.

Jelly Boy quilt 6

The fabric in the back is this nursery rhyme fabric, that I love (I bought 7 yards of it!   I better love it!)

Jelly Boy quilt 7

I quilted the diagonal strips in an elongated meandering pattern and the sashing in a geometric pattern.

Jelly Boy quilt 8
Jelly Boy quilt 13

I bound it with a dark brown patterned fabric.  Then, I washed it.

Jelly Boy quilt 9

Front and back.

Jelly Boy quilt 10

Here is an image of it close up:

Jelly Boy quilt 11

And, since I had extra binding and a little extra fabric, I went ahead and made glorified burp cloth.

Jelly Boy quilt 12

I have never spent so much time on something intended to spit upon.  But, I love it!

Before I washed this quilt, it was 34 inches by 51 inches.  After washing, it was 31.5 inches by 47.5 inches.  That is about a 7% decrease because of shrinkage.

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