Mirage Quilt (152)

One of my kid’s teachers loves neutrals.  I have only seen her wear one other color besides white, tan, gray, and black.  That is why I created my Mirage Quilt with all neutrals.

Do you see why I call it Mirage?  I swear my eyes go blurry every time I look at it.  I should probably call it “Far-Sighted Quilt” or “20/40.”

Here’s a closer look, so you don’t get a migraine…

Mirage Quilt 2

This quilt was a classic “Make it work” moment.  I had already cut up a bunch of squares and was going to make a neutral version of a plus quilt, but it did not look good.  At all.  So then, I had a bunch of 4 1/2 inch squares and no plan.  After doing a little math and a lot of sketching, I came up with this quilt design.  I think I just cut the other squares into 2 1/2 inch and 2-inch sections to make the radiating blocks.  She loved it, especially the back, which had all of the kids’ handprints and signatures on it.

This is a twin-sized quilt.  Thanks for visiting!

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