“Love” Quilt (140)

The third teacher quilt is for a teacher who had recently been married.  When I asked her about the colors she uses to decorate her house, she said, “I don’t know, I’ve never decorated a house before.”  So, I took the liberty of choosing my own fabrics and design and style with this one.  Introducing the “Love” quilt:

This is the quilt before it was basted.  I bought about 20 different varieties of mostly white fabrics a while ago.  I always have loved the look of these colors on white fabrics, so I kind of went a little crazy.  Expect to see more with these fabrics in the future.

Love Quilt 2

The darker gray, blue, purple, and green squares write out the word “Love” in traditional Chinese.

Love Quilt 3

To transpose the image onto the quilt, I first had to take this image and transcribe it onto the graph paper.  I did this by taping it behind the graph paper and holding the paper up to a window while the sun was shining.  Then, I colored in the squares that were mostly (at least 50%) filled with the black from the character below.  The resulting quilt looks like this.

Love Quilt 4

If I were to do it again, I would have made the “dark” fabrics I chose to be even darker.  Some of the grays did not project the way I thought they would from this quilt.  While you can see the character clearly from a distance, it is hard to see when you are up close.  So, I’ll have to have her stand on one side of the room and read the quilt on the other.  Or just squint her eyes a lot.  :)

I chose this character because she has it on her wall as the class rule.  The back of the quilt, of course, has the signatures of both of her classes.

I was able to work with this teacher a lot this year.  Though her, I have seen her difficult and seemingly impossible ideas come into full fruition yielding such amazing results with the kids.  Teachers are just amazing.  People ask me all the time why I make teacher quilts.  This is my way, of saying in more than words, how much I appreciate what they do.

This quilt is 62 inches by 83 inches, after washing.

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