Scrappy Arkansas Cross Roads Quilt (156)

It took me a while to find out the name of this block, but I learned it is a block with many names.  Introducing my Scrappy Arkansas Cross Roads/ Scrappy X’s and 16 patch quilt.

This quilt uses an alternating 16 patch block with an X block.  The dark X’s look black, but they are actually a navy color.  The scrappy blocks are 2 x 2-inch squares (originally cut 2.5-inch squares with a 1/4 inch seam).

Scrappy Arkansas Cross Roads Quilt 2

I used a navy-colored thread for the bobbin and the navy X portions of the block.  These X portions were quilted in a squiggly line moving from side to side, corner to corner.  The scrappy star shape, however, was quilted using a free-motion technique, echoing the outer lines of the star and the inner square in the 16 blocks.  These scrappy stars were quilted with a peach-colored thread but still used navy blue in the bobbin.

Scrappy Arkansas Cross Roads Quilt 3

I found a cute floral print from Joann for the back of this quilt.  The binding is a Kona yellow, but I forget the name of the color.  The dark navy X’s are also a Kona blue, probably Navy.

Scrappy Arkansas Cross Roads Quilt 4

This quilt will be going to a cousin-in-law that lives a couple of thousand miles away.

Scrappy Arkansas Cross Roads Quilt 5

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