Hokkoh Wicker Quilt Complete (#73)

This quilt has been a long time coming.  It is finally done!

At the quilt market this spring, I was able to buy some fabric from the Hokkoh Booth.  It was 11 fat quarters, which I knew wasn’t enough to make an entire twin quilt, but with a few solids, and a few other prints, I was able to pull it all together.  I used a twist block with two strips of fabric on each side instead of one.  This was the first time I did incomplete seams, and I’m so glad that I read the tip online about marking 1/4 inch lines on your blocks.  That way, you know where to start and stop sewing to make the “T” seam look as flawless as possible.

Hokkoh Wicker Quilt 2

The quilting was done 1/4 inch from both sides of the seams.  Doing such dense straight line quilting, though, can also show one’s flaws more (so don’t look too close!!!!)

Hokkoh Wicker Quilt 3

Here is the back, which uses large panels of Kona Celery with strips of “Sugar Pop!” by Lily Scott.  I love how the quilting looks on the back.  I used a neutral light gray color of thread so that it would blend with the quilt

Hokkoh Wicker Quilt 4

Since I used ALL of the Hokkoh fabric in the quilt, I had none left to do the binding, so I used Holly Holderman’s Dolly Dresses Leaves in Green.  Can you tell that I bought a LOT of Holly Holderman?

Hokkoh Wicker Quilt 5

In the end, this quilt was 72 inches by 95.5 inches, but after washing it shrank to 69 inches by 91 inches.  It is still an oversized twin, so I am happy.  I always make my quilts bigger than I need them because of the shrinking after the washing.    The quilting was difficult on this quilt (136 lines across this quilt in two directions!) but I love how it turned out, and it will soon be on its way to a foreign land for my cousin and her family who let us borrow their van while we were there visiting.  That is if my mom doesn’t keep it for herself.  🙂

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