Feb 16

Workshop in progress

I am linking in with Naptime Quilter’s Workshop in Progress.

First, I would like to say a “Thank You!”  to Cheryl for putting this together.  It has helped me immensely.  All of your advice has been gratefully received.

Two weeks ago, I posted a question about PFD (Prepared for dyeing) fabric, and thank you for all of your comments.  I felt confident cutting into that fabric and was able to begin making my half square triangles.  I am basically doing a “stash buster” where I’m trying to use as much of the fabric I have on hand as possible without going back to the store.  So far, so good 🙂  I have made and squared up all of my HST’s and I have sewn 6 out of 22 rows (of 18) together.

I have also been working on making paper piecing templates for my block “Bursting Star” and a new block “Bursting diamond.”  I hope to have these up in PDF format soon, but I first want to make a whole quilt using these style of blocks, so stay tuned…

And currently in my machine is a project that has been begging to be finished for almost a year.

This quilt was inspired by Red Pepper Quilt’s Modern Flying Geese quilt.  I was stuck at deciding how to quilt this thing.  Meandering?  Some other free motion quilting pattern?  Straight stitch?  A combination?  Well, I’ve started, but I’m not yet complete.  Right now, I just have the two lines next to the top of the triangles.

Quilt Back

I’m still debating on whether to add more lines (and wavy lines) parallel with the zig zag lines, or should I fill in the large zig-zag spaces with free motion meandering?  Either way would look cool on the back, but I think adding more lines would look the best.  The jury is still out.  What do you think?

Edited to add:  I decided just to stick with the two lines of quilting, but I have another question.  What charities are accepting donated quilts?  I think I might just donate this one…



  1. Jill says:

    Love the bursting star! And I’m addicted to HST, love your colorful scrappy look with them.

  2. felicity says:

    Gorgeous Flying Geese quilt!!

    If it were me (and keeping in mind that I’m lazy), I’d probably just leave it as is. BUT I have seen some examples online of doubled-up quilted lines (Ashley at Film in the Fridge seems to do it often), and that can look really cool, too.

    So, what about doubling up every other quilted zigzag?

    If you want to do some filler quilting (say in the white background area), I would suggest some medium-sized pebble quilting. It uses a boatload of thread but I love the effect!

    Have fun!

  3. elle says:

    HST are a favorite and the geese fly right next to them. Great piecing and colours. I’d double zig zag. Again, nice job, they are so fresh looking.

  4. I was going to suggest the wavy line, but only because that’s my default!

    Charities? I don’t know about that. Check with your local hospitals and shelters first.