Sep 28

WIP #12

I have had no finishes since last time, but I’ll tell you what I do have!

1)  My Hokkoh Wicker quilt is now basted and will be finished by the end of this week.  I am excited to have this one done!

2)  If you are wondering what is on top of that basted green quilt, the answer is…


technicolour yawn

Yes, my large stack of 2.5 x 2.5 inch squares has turned into this beauty!  I tried to make it as much like the original as I could.  I avoided putting in scraps dark in value, which was pretty easy since I don’t use dark dark fabric much, anyway.  As you can probably tell, I seem to have many more green and blue and pink scraps than orange or yellow or red or purple.  I loved how Katy’s original scrap vomit/ technicolour yawn quilt had the black diamonds with the blue diamonds inside.  I couldn’t quite find a blue that matched hers, but I love how mine turned out.

My plan is to have this quit finished next time, but I am so happy with this top!  Here’s one more picture.

3)  I am now sewing my Picnics and fairgrounds friendship star quilt together.  I am hoping to have this be a quilt top by my next WIP post.

friendship star

4)  I barely finished the three most recent Skill Builder Sampler blocks.  Since my last ones were used in my Quilt of Valor Quilt, I had the opportunity to choose a whole new color scheme for these next blocks.  I decided to use my Holly Holderman’s Dolly dresses fabric, which is the same fabric that Leila is using.  I overestimated the amount of fabric needed for the beacon light block, so I used all of those scraps to make an entire block of cut and sew improvisational goodness.  Looks like my camera had a hard time focusing on these blocks.  🙂

5)  My next quilt of valor quilt is still just a stack of 2.5 inch squares.  That one will be on the back burner for a while.

Oh, and I had to share this picture.  It is my beach bum baby quilt in its new home.  Thanks to the mama who sent me this picture of her baby’s nursery!

So, that is it!  Last time, I had 4 projects going.  I finished none, but continued doing the skill builder sampler, so I now have 5 projects I am working on.  Thanks for stopping by!  Visit Lee’s blog to see other Works in Progress!

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  1. Krista says:

    omigosh, i love your scrappy postage stamp vomit quilt lol. it looks amazing! found you via WIP wed, btw.

  2. sukie says:

    Oh wow! You’re been busy!!!

  3. Mitzi says:

    Your 2.5″ squares quilt is gorgeous! The black/blue diamonds really set it off. Nice touch!

  4. Kerstin says:

    Oh wow, the 2.5 inch squares quilt is amazing!

  5. Becky says:

    Your SBS blocks look adorable! Such fun colors!