Sep 05


Welcome back!  I decided to do this random drawing the old fashioned way.  Since ZERO people submitted a selvage project, and there were 17 comments, I decided to choose two lucky people who left comments.  I wrote numbers on 17 pieces of paper, and the numbers 7 and 17 were drawn.  So congratulations to Brittany and Liz.  I will be e-mailing you soon!

Thanks again everyone!  And even though no one posted a selvage post, I hope you I have inspired you to start saving.  They are pretty fun!


1 comment!

  1. Liz says:

    Thank you thank you, I love the fabric and I think is going to be the inspiration for Isabelle’s quilt. I have a template ready not i just need get some detail. I will need to come over and chat for a minute.