Nov 23

“Ugly” Fabric, Awesome Quilt is DONE! (44)

queen size nine patch quilt

I finished my nine patch quilt!  I was inspired to do this quilt after seeing this quilt from Crazy Mom Quilts.  I made mine a little different.  I made a queen sized quilt, so that required 132 nine-patch blocks (12 rows of 11 blocks).  Also, instead of using 2.5 inch wide sashing (white strips separating the nine-patch blocks) I used 2 inches, and after sewing 1/4 inch seam on both sides, it resulted in 1.5 inch strips.  Also, because I am not good at sewing sashing, I cut mine up to be 6.5 inches (the same width as the blocks) and put squares of a slightly darker fabric where the white strips of sashing cross.  These little squares in the middle helped me gauge my sewing and I just had to make sure that all of the seams matched.   Some might say this seems harder, but it was actually my laziness that made me do this.  Shhhhh!  Don’t tell anyone the I am a lazy quilter!

Since this quilt was made from remnants, I did not have a lot of large leftover pieces to make a back, but with the leftover sashing pieces (I had a LOT of those left over 🙂 ) I pieced together a back.

Then, I basted and quilted.

I chose to do a flourish pattern.  I have wanted to try it for a while and just needed the perfect quilt to try it on.  I think it works very well for this quilt and gives it a great underlying texture.

I chose a tan colored thread.  It really pops in the sashing (and in the center of the back of the quilt) but otherwise it is hidden throughout the rest of the quilt.

This is what it looks like after washing:

free motion machine quilting design pattern

The quilt top started out about 98 inches by 91 inches, but I think quilting might shrink it a bit.  By the time it was quilted and the binding was on, it was only 95 inches by 87 inches.  And after washing it was 91 inches x 84 inches.  Wow.  It’s hard to figure out exactly how large your quilt top needs to be when it keeps shrinking in every step 🙂

But, in the end, it fits a queen sized bed very nicely.

queen size nine patch quilt

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