May 13

Teacher Granny Squares Quilts Done!

When I started making Granny Squares, I was just making them because I loved the look of the block.  Soon, I decided to use them to make quilts for my kids’ teachers.

The hardest part about making teacher quilts is trying to figure out the colors they like.  I sent them e-mails asking about the colors they like to use to decorate their house.  Vague enough that they can’t guess what it will be, direct enough to get what I need.  One teacher responded, “My favorite colors are the colors of fall – yellow, orange, red, brown – pretty much the same for my home.”   This is the resulting quilt.

teacher quilt

I used Denise Schmidt’s orange houndstooth fabric for the binding.  I also used it for part of the backing.  The other part of the backing is Kona Snow.  I went to the hallway and called the kids out three at a time to have them trace their hands, and then write their names in it.  The kids were excited to see the final quilt, and the teacher was happy to receive it, even pulling the principal aside to show him the quilt.

The other teacher is a kindergarden teacher, and so she had both an AM and PM class.  When I asked her what colors she decorates her home with, this was her answer, “My home is usually decorated with neutral colors – white, tan, etc.  I like to added touches of light colors (not necessarily pastel) green, purple, red, blue.  My favorite color is purple but i generally like colors that are “earth tones”  not dark but not pastel either.”

This was a little trickier to decipher, but here is the resulting quilt:

teacher quilt

I used another Denise Schmidt fabric for the back and the binding, this one being a light purple with specks of yellow, blue, and orange in it. With the help of a few moms, we got both classes to trace their hands and sign the quilt.  I even wrote a line from the “Skidamarink” song:  We love you in the morning, and in the afternoon.  A good friend and neighbor helped me bind it.   My daughter was able to present it to her and said her teacher was shaking when she received it.  We were able to give it to her on a field trip day when both classes were present, and all of the kids were excited to be there when she received it.  There is nothing more fun than hearing about a teacher holding up her quilt, and the kids saying, “I see my name!”

So, I’m calling this year’s teacher quilts a success.  It appears both teachers like what they received.  I’ll try to keep up this tradition as long as I can, but I have a few kids that aren’t even in school yet.  We might need to start thinking smaller when all the kids are in school.  🙂

Both quilts ended up being lap quilt size, a good 63 inches by 73 inches before washing.



  1. Jill says:

    Both lovely! And a really great gift for a teacher. Every teacher in your district will want your kids in their class 🙂

  2. Lisa says:

    Those are beautiful Lucky teachers!