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Dec 13

Dolce Star and House Collection quilts (80, 81, & 82)

I was running a little low on baby girl quilts, so I thought I would make a few.   Two of these are of the same design, and the middle one is a simple square quilt.

Ten Quilts ago, I had made a quilt using Tanya Whelan’s Dolce Fabric.  I had a pile of “scraps” left from that quilt, and so I thought I would make a couple of baby quilts.

Dolce Stars quilt II

Dolce Stars II


I wanted to separate the large designs in the Dolce line with something, and so I came up with these scrappy looking wonky stars.  These stars are made from solids in my scraps and also some coordinating colors from a couple of stacks of Kona Charms, which I now consider a necessity in any quilter’s stash.  They are tiny and were hard to make, but I love the effect!

Dolce fabric quilt

After making the two quilt tops, I had a few extra stars.  I added a row of them to the back of one of the quilts.

Lizzie collection quilt back

The two large panels on this quilt are from Anna Griffin’s Lizzie Collection.  They are the same design, but one in a light blue, and one in a celery green.  The other Dolce Stars Quilt uses the blue as the back.  They are both bound with Kona Robin’s Egg blue.

My other quilt was a way for me to take a mental break with quilting.  I needed to make something simple.  Thus, a simple square quilt.

It is made with Annette Tatum’s House collection fabric.  At first, this collection seems to be a bunch of random fabrics jumbled together, but I really like the effect.  It’s like having a quilt made from my stash, only I don’t need a stash.

Annette Tatum's House collection used in a quilt

 I love the soft colors, and the gentle designs of these fabrics.  I think it makes a quaint little baby girl quilt.  The back uses the same Lizzie Collection celery green as found in the Dolce Star’s quilt.  It is also bound in Kona Robin Egg.

The Dolce Stars quilts were 38.5 inches x 40 inches before washing, 36 inches by 37.5 inches after washing.

The House Collection quilt was 40 inches by 48 inches before washing, 38 inches by 45.5 after washing.

It feels great to have these done.  Baby quilts are such a great change from twin quilts.  Thanks for stopping by!


Nov 22

Dolly Dresses Postage Stamp Quilt Complete!

dolly dresses quilt

My postage stamp quilt is complete!  I used PS I quilt’s Quilt-a-long instructions to make this quilt.  It was fun and time intensive, but it was one of those quilts that I knew I had to make.

Postage stamp quilt

A while back, I bought a LOT of Holly Holderman’s Dolly dresses fabric, and so I chose all of the orange, yellow, pink, and red prints to make this quilt.  After making all of the blocks, though, I decided that I needed to make it a bit bigger, so I added orange and yellow squares to make a scrappy looking border.

Then I used the same prints for the backing.

Pieced Quilt back

I guess you can say I finally put a dent into my HH’s DD pile 🙂  I did use one additional print, a fat quarter, or coral fabric with little white dots.

Close up of postage stamp quilt

I used a similar print for the binding of the quilt, but it had larger dots.  I love how these dots frame the quilt in a playful and youthful way.

This quilt, before washing, was 69.5 inches by 89.5 inches.  After washing, it was 65.5 inches by 85.5 inches.  It is a bright and beautiful quilt, and I am so glad that I made it!  Thanks for visiting!

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Oct 10

Scrap Vomit / Technicolor Yawn Quilt Finished (74)

Scrap Vomit Quilt

What started off as thousands and thousands of scrap 2.5 x 2.5 inch squares ended up being this fun new quilt!  Using Katy’s tutorial, I was able to make this quilt top in a twin bed size (before washing, it was 69.5 x 97, after washing, it s 66 x 93).  I altered her tutorial just a little when I made 18 blocks of the diamond shape instead of the 17 in the tutorial.  The reason is, I really liked having all of the diamond shapes in the corners of the quilt.  With this change, I was supposed to only make 17 of the 7 square by 7 square scrappy blocks, but I made an extra one.  And, I of course had to use it, so I put it on the back.

technicolor yawn quilt back.

I had a hard time placing this square in the front because it had very little orange and red, and a lot of blue and green.  But, all alone back here, you can’t even tell:)

scrap vomit quilt back

The back is a fabric called “Sugar Pop! by Liz Scott for Moda.

I used a new-to-me free motion quilting design.  I love how the rainbow design looks on quilts, but I noticed they were usually hand quilted or long arm quilted.  I wanted to give that same effect with a free motion effort.  So, I came up with this design.  This is an area where I started working with this new quilting design.

free motion quilt pattern

By the time I got to the end of the quilt, I think I got a little bit better at it.  🙂

free motion quilt design

I used a sage green thread to quilt the rainbows, mostly because I had a lot and I didn’t have any future projects in mind to use it.  And, it acts as a fairly neutral color in this quilt, since so much of it is green anyway.

And, just like Katy’s quilt, I had to bind it in black.  What an awesome frame for this quilt.  I’m not a fan of using a lot of black fabric, but I found it to be perfect for this particular pattern, and I agreed with Katy’s style in using the black for the diamonds and binding and the blue for the accent diamond.

Scrap vomit binding

My kid’s favorite part of the quilt is putting it over their heads and looking through it toward the light.  I’ll admit, it is one of my favorite parts, too!  Thanks for stopping by!

technicolor yawn quilt


Aug 01

Dolce Quilt (69)

This quilt has been begging to be finished for a long time.

I showed the initial design here,

Then, it sat in a lap quilt sized quilt top state for a long time,

Until I finally decided to make it a twin quilt instead of a lap quilt.

So, here it is!

Dolce Quilt

I’m glad I decided to make it larger, because I think it is perfect for a little girl’s bed quilt.  These fabrics has such beautiful designs, including flowers, birds, branches, bamboo, and so many other organic and geometric designs.  I’ve heard that it has an Asian feel to it, and I can see that.

Dolce Quilt Tanya Whelan

I loved piecing this quilt together, even though those white strips were only 1.5 inches long, resulting in a one inch strip in the final quilt.

Dolce quilt

I had previously purchased a LOT of Kona Aqua for my last quilt, as soon as I saw it next to the quilt top, I knew it had to be the backing of this quilt.  I added large pieces of the Dolce Fabric on the back of this quilt.  I love making quilts somewhat double sided.

Dolce quilt binding

I used, what I think is Kona Carnation for the binding of this quilt.   I think it adds a soft frame to this soft looking quilt.

Dolce Quilt

This quilt ended up being 70 inches wide and 95 inches tall before washing.  I haven’t washed it yet, but when I do I’ll list the final dimensions.

Thanks for visiting!


Aug 22

Baby Boy quilts using Jelly Rolls (29&30)

By this time in my quilting journey, I began reading quilting blogs.  I finally figured out what a jelly roll was, and realized it’s potential.  I found some jelly rolls in Joann, and I took one of them (with some scrap fabrics from quilts 25 and 26 (my baby’s new quilt and the alternating nine-patch) and made this fun baby boy quilt.

Blue, Green, and white baby boy quilt

A quilt made with Jelly rolls, scraps, and white sashing.

Using white thread in a loopy pattern, I machine quilted this top to a fun blue and green flourish pattern.  I bound it with a green binding and I feel I am finally perfecting my binding.

I was free-motion quilting this quilt when labor began.  I wanted to finish it so badly, but my body had other ideas and we made it to the hospital dilated to an eight.  It’s probably a good thing I stopped :).

I CANNOT TELL YOU HOW MUCH READING QUILTING BLOGS HAS IMPROVED MY QUILTING!  I felt like I was stuck in a rut.  Here I had a passion for quilting, and it felt like I was alone with my sewing machine, and that I had no one to ask questions or learn from.  THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU QUILT BLOGGERS!  I believe I have gleaned knowledge from looking through so many of your sites.

I then decided to use these same jelly roll fabrics to make another baby quilt with another nine-patch with sashing design.

Boy Blue quilt with Jelly Rolls

A nine-patch quilt with blue sashing.

Reversible quilt

This is the back side of the boy blue nine-patch quilt. I love double sided quilts

So, you’ve probably noticed that I’m not a professional  photographer.  I mostly use my iPhone because it is so easy to transfer photos, and I usually have my iPhone with me wherever I go.  But, here is my double sided quilt.  Now I know that one Jelly Roll can make about two baby quilts (with the use of additional fabrics).