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Apr 30

Americana Stars (149)

My kids’ teachers’ quilts are done!  This one is for a teacher who likes westerns and America.  I though some stars and plaid were in order.  I used the woven fabrics currently being sold at both JoAnn and Hobby Lobby.  I love the texture of the woven fabrics.  It feels like I pulled this quilt out of a log cabin from the 1800’s.  I will admit, though, that I was confused when I cut the fabric.  I wasn’t sure whether to cut according to the design (and the weave) or to cut according to how the fabric lay (no, it did not lay straight), so that is why the pattern on the blocks look a little skiwampus.  I cut according to the lay of the fabric.

Americana Stars Quilt
 I used an EZ quilting drunkard’s path template for these blocks.  It has a star template included in it.  It was very easy to put together.  The most difficult part for me was sewing the white circle inside the red circle.  But, hey, I figured it out (at least 9 times) and got it done.


quilt star block



The simple meandering quilting was the perfect way to finish this relaxed quilt.  Add a bright red binding, and I’m pretty pleased with this little quilt.  Hoping my kid’s teacher loves it just as much.


Quilt star block


All of the teacher quilts have a strip of white/off white on the back filled with their students’ handprints and signatures.  Probably my favorite part of the teacher quilts, and the kids love it, too!


This quilt is twin sized.  Thanks for visiting!



Nov 22

Dolly Dresses Postage Stamp Quilt Complete!

dolly dresses quilt

My postage stamp quilt is complete!  I used PS I quilt’s Quilt-a-long instructions to make this quilt.  It was fun and time intensive, but it was one of those quilts that I knew I had to make.

Postage stamp quilt

A while back, I bought a LOT of Holly Holderman’s Dolly dresses fabric, and so I chose all of the orange, yellow, pink, and red prints to make this quilt.  After making all of the blocks, though, I decided that I needed to make it a bit bigger, so I added orange and yellow squares to make a scrappy looking border.

Then I used the same prints for the backing.

Pieced Quilt back

I guess you can say I finally put a dent into my HH’s DD pile 🙂  I did use one additional print, a fat quarter, or coral fabric with little white dots.

Close up of postage stamp quilt

I used a similar print for the binding of the quilt, but it had larger dots.  I love how these dots frame the quilt in a playful and youthful way.

This quilt, before washing, was 69.5 inches by 89.5 inches.  After washing, it was 65.5 inches by 85.5 inches.  It is a bright and beautiful quilt, and I am so glad that I made it!  Thanks for visiting!

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Jul 20

Half Square Triangle Quilt, Part II (67)

I sold  a quilt last month, and within a few hours received a request to make another one just like it.  I’m not usually into making the same quilt twice (unless I am making them both at the same time), but I’m easily flattered :), so I decided to go ahead and make another one.

This quilt was 18 blocks wide and 23 blocks long.  Before washing, it measured 73 inches by 93 inches.  After washing, it shrank down to 69 inches by 89 inches.

The client asked for an aqua color for the background, and I have to admit that I am secretly in love with this color.  It was a perfect fit.  I also used some of the leftover prints to add a little design detail to the back.

She also wanted a scrappy binding, and I agree that it is a great way to frame this quilt.  I wanted it to be somewhat unified, so I went with cool colors for this binding.

Overall, I am so pleased with this quilt.  I used a straight line stitch echoing the vertical and horizontal seams 1/4 inch away from the seams.  I love this quilting style for this type of quilt.

Making a custom quilt was a little bit stressful, but she gave me creative freedom, and I think we were both in agreement about how the quilt should look in the end.  I hope she loves it!

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