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Aug 18

Jean quilts and rag quilts (7&8)

Quilt #7

Quilt #8

Our Picnic Quilt

Quilt #8, back

My first rag quilt

These are my jean quilts.  The first quilt is a twin size quilt, made from 6.5 x 6.5 inch pieces of my husband’s jeans, my dad’s jeans, and my jeans, resulting in 6 inch squares.  I didn’t know how I wanted to quilt this top to the flannel patriotic star backing, so I chose to tie it, even though I didn’t have a quilting frame. All I did was lay the flannel upside down flat on the ground and place the jean quilt right side up on top of it.  Then, carefully, I started from the middle and tied the yarn in the center of each square.  It worked, and it is my husband’s favorite quilt.

The second quilt is my first of many rag quilts.  I used the extra pieces from my jean quilt and the extra pieces of the star flannel backing to make this scrap quilt.  The thread on the jean side is yellow, and the thread on the flannel side is red.  This quilt, which is no larger than 3 feet by 3.5 feet, is our picnic quilt and has a permanent place in the back of my car.  I made many baby flannel rag quilts (about 9), but I donated them to a local children’s hospital, so I have no pictures of them.  So, we will count all of those rag quilts as being quilt #8.

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Aug 18

It all started here (Quilt #1)

Quilt #1

This quilt is where it all started.  It was the mid 90’s (can you tell?) and we were young and crazy.  My friend and I went to a fabric store, picked out a few fabrics (like seven fabrics) cut them out with scissors, sewed them together, and somehow managed to do a pretty good job.  This was the first of two quilts that I have tied.  My children love this quilt because it is the one we give them to comfort them when they are sick.

This is where I learned to love quilting and to love sewing a bunch of squares and triangles.

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