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Aug 18

Matching Quilts for Sisters (2&3)

Quilt #2

Quilt for my daughter

Quilt #3

I made this quilt for my daughter

These two quilts were made for my daughters.  I made them from the same fabric, but added a few differences so that they could tell which quilt belonged to which girl.  I chose two different colors for the backing (yellow and purple) to match their personalities.  Also, one quilt has more yellows and greens (with green squares in the sashing) and the other has more purples and pinks (with pink squares in the sashing).  I learned to baste on the internet.  I learned how to straight stitch machine quilt from the internet.  I also learned how to bind from the internet.  I should have done more research, but my girls don’t mind.  They love their quilts, despite the flaws.

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