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Oct 07

Intersections Quilt (163)

Many years ago (almost 1.5 years ago!) I made this quilt using Zen Chic’s Figures collection.  I loved how it was both masculine and, with the coral color, a bit feminine as well.  This quilt went to my kid’s teacher.  IMG_6129

You’ll notice that, in the process of making this quilt, I cut off a lot of corners.  Well, I saved those corners, and decided to sew them together–to make intersections.


Then, after I made these square intersections from my triangle scraps, I sewed them to rectangles, and then sewed those rows to other rows with other squares and rectangles, and BAM!  This quilt top was born.


To be honest, this quilt top has been sitting around my house for over a year.  Just a lonely quilt top.  It was a busy year.  And beside it sat a lonely cut of yellow minky. Not exactly a matching yellow, but a soft irresistible yellow, because at that point in time, there was no such thing as a matching yellow minky.


And so, after a neighbor had a baby, I took that yellow minky fabric, and with cotton batting in-between, basted it to that quilt top.  After many times sewing the quilt sandwich in a straight line echo stitch over and over and over again, it was finally done.


All it needed was to be bound, which I did with this super dark navy blue Kona cotton.


And it was complete.  It is now in the hands of a new owner, a little boy about 2 months old.  Not bad for a quilt top that has been sitting around for a year.   And, seriously, that yellow non-matching minky feels AMAZING!

intersections quilt

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May 04

Half Square Triangle “on point” Teacher Quilt (139)

Here is Teacher Quilt #2 (for 2014).



When I asked this teacher about her favorite house decorating colors, she responded, “I love all kinds of earthy tones.  Right now, my house is full of browns, tans, olive greens, and a few red accents.”  

With this, I ran with the tan and olive green (plus about 7 other greens) and created this quilt.

The difficult part of this quilt was figuring out what the final dimensions would be.  Another hard part about this quilt was somehow, I doubled the number of blocks that I made, so I ended up with a lot of extra half-square triangle blocks.  It all worked out, though, because I was able to make this quilt for my cousin with the extra blocks.




You’ve got to love the versatility of the half square triangle!


The tans are actually two different cotton/linen blends.  I couldn’t remember which brand I initially bought, so I just guessed.  Close enough.  🙂


I purchased this wonderful zigzag (or chevron) print when it was on sale, and although the front doesn’t have any white, my husband and I both agreed that it complimented the design of the quilt.    We had the kids sign their names in their hand prints (or their “Live Long and Prosper” prints) and flanked the signed panel with this zigzag for the back.



I didn’t have enough time to quilt this as densely as I normally would have, but I wanted to still follow the lines and make it look good.  So, instead of echoing both sides of each seam (which I would have done had I the time), I quilted along the tan side of each seam, about 3/8 of an inch away from the seam line.


This quilt ended up being 66.5 inches wide by 84.5 inches long.  It now folded and bound together, ready to be delivered this next week at school.




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