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Jul 29

A slew of scrap baby quilts (119, 120, 121, 122)

My friend owns the Etsy Shop Lilac & Lollipops.  They sell baby car seat, tents, diaper clutches, nursing covers, bibs, and burp cloths in the cutest modern fabrics.   And guess who gets her scraps?  I do!  I am a lucky girl!

The only challenge with using these scraps is that the fabrics that work best for her business are large and bold designs.  The fabrics that work best for quilting, however, are tone-on-tone and monocromatic prints.  I am not complaining at all, I am just saying that this is a challenge that I LOVE to overcome!  Here are the four quilts I made, using a combination of her scraps and mine.

four baby quilts

Before I get into these quilts, let me describe to you my scrap sorting process.

I consider a scrap to be anything of an odd shape (cut at an angle or parts used for applique) or smaller than a fat quarter.  I keep them in a little bin and wait until I am ready to cut them down.

box of scraps

I first take a scrap and cut it into 6 or 5 inch squares.

scrap panel


scrap cutting 6 inch squares

If a scrap is not big enough for larger squares, I cut out smaller 2.5 inch squares.

scrap cutting and sorting

I then look at the left overs from this cutting.  If it is thinner than 1 inch, then I  just toss it.  If it is thicker than one inch, I sort it into tiny scraps or strings.  Tiny scraps are those that are thicker than 1 inch, thinner than 2.5 inches, and 6 inches long or shorter.  These scraps are PERFECT for a scrap box quilt.  Anything smaller than that, I toss.

scrap string

If it is about 1 inch, thinner than 2.5 inches and longer than 6 inches, then I consider that to be a string.  I save my strings separately for string quilts.  A lot of my strings come from the extra backing of a quilt that I cut off after quilting, so sometimes I have a lot of strings of the same fabric.

I also save the selvages, which is the first thing I cut off when I have new fabric.

So with this large print scraps, I have made a variety of baby quilts.

First, a boy quilt made with the 5 inch scraps (4.5 inch finished).  I backed this quilt with a blue minky (not shown) and quilted it with a straight line stitch echoing the seams.

baby boy 5 inch square quilt

Then, I made a girl quilt made with 5 inch scraps.  This one turned out to be a little TOO busy, so I tried to calm it down with a tone-on-tone pink panel on top.

5 inch squares baby quilt

I backed this quilt with minky.

5 inch squares baby quilt minky

The next quilt uses 2.5 inch squares that I could separate by color.  I made nine patch blocks with scraps of yellow, pink, red, white with red, green, mint green, and blue.

rainbow nine patch baby quilt

Then, I arranged them in a rainbow from corner to corner, using 2 inch white strips to separate the blocks (1.5 inch final).

rainbow 2.5 inch square baby quilt

I quilted this quilt with a loopy flower design.  I used minky for the back again.

 flower quilting with minky back

This last quilt uses 2.5 inch squares made mostly from my friend’s scraps.  They were all scraps of fabrics with large designs, and I found that they actually made a pretty cool panel.  To have a quilt completely made from this fabric would be extremely busy, but having it act like a panel like this calms it down.

large pattern small scraps baby quilt

I also backed this with the same minky.  I am falling in love with using minky for baby quilts.

baby quilt using 2.5 inch scraps

For the binding for these quilts, I have chosen to machine bind the binding on both sides.  This is because I don’t know if I would want to hand stitch a binding to a minky backing.  I am happy to report that I am getting better at a machine binding, but I still love the look of hand binding!

These are my quilts 119-122, all using either 2.5 inch scraps or 5 inch squares.  I still have not used my 6 inch squares, but when I do, I will most likely make a lot of half square triangles for more baby quilts.  I know that they will all soon have homes, as a lot of new babies are being born in my neighborhood.

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2.5 inch nine-patch baby quilt


Aug 22

Doll quilts designed by my girls (31&32)

I had a lot of extra scrap fabric (4 x 4 inches) from some skirts that I made and quilts I had completed.  My girls have seen me quilt and had great interest in it, so I decided to let them design their own quilts.  I let them pick out which scraps to use (“Pick thirty squares, you guys.”) and I let them pick a backing from several remnant fabrics I had just purchased.  Then, I arranged them in a way that I thought was pleasing.  But I wanted to give them the last word, so I let them switch blocks around if they felt a change was needed.  In the end, we have these cute little doll quilts.

Baby Doll quilt

My older daughter's baby doll quilt

Baby doll quilt

My younger daughter's baby doll quilt.

My younger daughter really liked the butterfly material.  The binding that I used was also scrap fabric.  I wasn’t sure how often they would use these, but every once in a while I’ll walk into a messy toy room and my face will be beaming because in the middle of chaos will be a baby wrapped in one of these baby quilts.

Melts my heart.

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