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Aug 18

Same basic block, two different quilts (9&10)

Since I had just discovered what fat quarters were, I decided to make a few quilts using only fabric from fat quarters.  I chose about 40 different fat quarters (some came in sets of 5) and went to town making these squares, called trail to treadleonia or shaded four patch.  I finally made a quilt with triangles!  These were the first squares that I actually trimmed after putting them together so that they were the right shape and size in the end.  I quilted one for my mom and used a stitch in the ditch pattern along the diamond edges.

I made a matching sham to go with it.

Quilt #9 Sham

I used this same square to make a quilt for my mother-in-law, but arranged them in a different pattern and used a much different color scheme.  I think I went out of my comfort zone in color, and so did she when she accepted it, but it is a fun quilt!  I chose a more creative  quilting pattern with this one, straight stitching two curved lines in each block, resulting in the formation of circles.

Quilt #10, pieced

This is the quilt top, pieced together, ready for basting.

Quilt #10

This is the quilting up close.


Aug 18

Matching Quilts for Sisters (2&3)

Quilt #2

Quilt for my daughter

Quilt #3

I made this quilt for my daughter

These two quilts were made for my daughters.  I made them from the same fabric, but added a few differences so that they could tell which quilt belonged to which girl.  I chose two different colors for the backing (yellow and purple) to match their personalities.  Also, one quilt has more yellows and greens (with green squares in the sashing) and the other has more purples and pinks (with pink squares in the sashing).  I learned to baste on the internet.  I learned how to straight stitch machine quilt from the internet.  I also learned how to bind from the internet.  I should have done more research, but my girls don’t mind.  They love their quilts, despite the flaws.

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Aug 18

It all started here (Quilt #1)

Quilt #1

This quilt is where it all started.  It was the mid 90’s (can you tell?) and we were young and crazy.  My friend and I went to a fabric store, picked out a few fabrics (like seven fabrics) cut them out with scissors, sewed them together, and somehow managed to do a pretty good job.  This was the first of two quilts that I have tied.  My children love this quilt because it is the one we give them to comfort them when they are sick.

This is where I learned to love quilting and to love sewing a bunch of squares and triangles.

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