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Aug 20

Pink and Black quilt (20)

This quilt took me FOREVER to finish.  I first began the quilt to auction off or to be a prize for a Fundraising 5K.  Since the 5K was to raise money for a girl with leukemia, I decided to make it a pink colored quilt.  The sad part is, my machine died three days before the 5K and I wasn’t able to get it finished in time.  The good news is, the event went well, and so far the treatments have worked for our friend who had cancer.

I used a pattern from “American Patchwork & Quilting Magazine” August 2009 issue called Rhythm & Blues, only I added about a foot to the length so that it could be made into a twin sized quilt.  I pieced it out on my husband’s office floor since I don’t have a design wall.  Once I organized all of the squares and triangles, I quickly sewed the quilt top together before my children could destroy it.

Quilt #20, top

This is the Pink and Black quilt with only a few more rows left to sew.

I then added a bright pink border and a black border.  I quilted it twice, basically.  The first time was quilting the edges of the black triangles with black thread.  I didn’t quilt “stitch in the ditch” style, but instead opted to do a curved line from corner to corner.  Then, I quilted all of the pink parts with spiral shapes which resulted in three “S” shapes in each square.

Quilt #20, close up

You can see the black stitching on each triangle, and the pink spirals in each pink square.

Did I forget to mention that I pieced together a backing for this quilt?

Quilt #20, back side

The back side of the quilt

I love how the quilting shows up so well on the back.  I used white thread in the bobbin when using the pink thread for the top.

Here is the final quilt!  It was also auctioned off for a youth group fundraising activity.  This quilt became a wedding present to a couple whose colors were bright pink and black.  I hope they love it, because I put a LOT of work into it!

Quilt #20

The best picture I could get standing on top of my couch with my phone above my head.

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