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Nov 22

Dolly Dresses Postage Stamp Quilt Complete!

dolly dresses quilt

My postage stamp quilt is complete!  I used PS I quilt’s Quilt-a-long instructions to make this quilt.  It was fun and time intensive, but it was one of those quilts that I knew I had to make.

Postage stamp quilt

A while back, I bought a LOT of Holly Holderman’s Dolly dresses fabric, and so I chose all of the orange, yellow, pink, and red prints to make this quilt.  After making all of the blocks, though, I decided that I needed to make it a bit bigger, so I added orange and yellow squares to make a scrappy looking border.

Then I used the same prints for the backing.

Pieced Quilt back

I guess you can say I finally put a dent into my HH’s DD pile 🙂  I did use one additional print, a fat quarter, or coral fabric with little white dots.

Close up of postage stamp quilt

I used a similar print for the binding of the quilt, but it had larger dots.  I love how these dots frame the quilt in a playful and youthful way.

This quilt, before washing, was 69.5 inches by 89.5 inches.  After washing, it was 65.5 inches by 85.5 inches.  It is a bright and beautiful quilt, and I am so glad that I made it!  Thanks for visiting!

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Aug 20

Country Quilts (14, 15)

These next two quilts, quilt 14 and 15, were a matching set.  I found a bunch of remnant fabrics that I loved, and put them together to make a sweet cottage quilt.  I love that I could incorporate the red gingham in this quilt.  I made a matching baby quilt for it, and with the scraps I was able to make a cute braided rug.  The baby quilt was backed and bound in blue.  The twin sized quilt was backed and bound in green.  This was the first quilt I was able to sell on etsy.

Quilt 14

Those are all four inch squares, 320 of them!

Quilt #14

Up close image of quilt top and mitered corner

And, here is the baby quilt that goes along with it:

Baby Country Quilt

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Aug 19

Black and white window quilt – Current project

I’ll number this quilt when I am done with it, but I thought I would pause on listing the previous quilts to show the current project I have.

Black and white quilt

If you are wondering what happened to the color, just know that your computer screen is fine.  This is my twin size black and white quilt.  It is halfway through the quilting process.  I just need to get my machine back from the tune up guy 🙂

Black and white quilt

I chose a gray cotton thread to quilt it.  I thought white would look too bold on the black squares and take away from their subtle differences, and the black would look to heavy on the white sashing.  So, I am compromising with myself.  I was tempted to go bold and do it all in red.  Maybe next time!

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Aug 18

Sibling and Cousin quilts (4, 5, 6)

Quilt #4, FrontQuilt #4, Back

This crib quilt was made for my baby boy.  I used some of the same fabric as quilt 2 and 3 because I love that the quilts are “siblings” as well. This was the first time I used a quilt pattern, found here,  and also pieced together a backing.  This was also the first time I “stitched in the ditch.”  I didn’t know then how to do mitered corners, and my basting wasn’t great, but my son has yet to complain.  If I were to redo this quilt, I would put the lighter green color in the middle, baste better, cut with more accuracy, and learn how to bind.  But, it’s all about progress, and this is part of my quilting progress.

Quilts 5 and 6 were made for my two nieces.  I made a baby quilt and a twin quilt, made with the same fabric as quilts 2, 3, and 4, with some additional pastels.  This was my first attempt at stippling in a meandering pattern, so they are far from perfect, but made with love.  I love, again, that these two quilts were made from the same fabric as my children’s quilts.  The pattern I used was for fat quarters, and I had no idea what a fat quarter was, so I had to cut my material into fat quarters to make it all work out.  Ever learning!

Baby Quilt Stipple

The first quilt I ever free motion quilted!!!

Quilt #6

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