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Oct 10

Scrap Vomit / Technicolor Yawn Quilt Finished (74)

Scrap Vomit Quilt

What started off as thousands and thousands of scrap 2.5 x 2.5 inch squares ended up being this fun new quilt!  Using Katy’s tutorial, I was able to make this quilt top in a twin bed size (before washing, it was 69.5 x 97, after washing, it s 66 x 93).  I altered her tutorial just a little when I made 18 blocks of the diamond shape instead of the 17 in the tutorial.  The reason is, I really liked having all of the diamond shapes in the corners of the quilt.  With this change, I was supposed to only make 17 of the 7 square by 7 square scrappy blocks, but I made an extra one.  And, I of course had to use it, so I put it on the back.

technicolor yawn quilt back.

I had a hard time placing this square in the front because it had very little orange and red, and a lot of blue and green.  But, all alone back here, you can’t even tell:)

scrap vomit quilt back

The back is a fabric called “Sugar Pop! by Liz Scott for Moda.

I used a new-to-me free motion quilting design.  I love how the rainbow design looks on quilts, but I noticed they were usually hand quilted or long arm quilted.  I wanted to give that same effect with a free motion effort.  So, I came up with this design.  This is an area where I started working with this new quilting design.

free motion quilt pattern

By the time I got to the end of the quilt, I think I got a little bit better at it.  🙂

free motion quilt design

I used a sage green thread to quilt the rainbows, mostly because I had a lot and I didn’t have any future projects in mind to use it.  And, it acts as a fairly neutral color in this quilt, since so much of it is green anyway.

And, just like Katy’s quilt, I had to bind it in black.  What an awesome frame for this quilt.  I’m not a fan of using a lot of black fabric, but I found it to be perfect for this particular pattern, and I agreed with Katy’s style in using the black for the diamonds and binding and the blue for the accent diamond.

Scrap vomit binding

My kid’s favorite part of the quilt is putting it over their heads and looking through it toward the light.  I’ll admit, it is one of my favorite parts, too!  Thanks for stopping by!

technicolor yawn quilt


Nov 23

“Ugly” Fabric, Awesome Quilt is DONE! (44)

queen size nine patch quilt

I finished my nine patch quilt!  I was inspired to do this quilt after seeing this quilt from Crazy Mom Quilts.  I made mine a little different.  I made a queen sized quilt, so that required 132 nine-patch blocks (12 rows of 11 blocks).  Also, instead of using 2.5 inch wide sashing (white strips separating the nine-patch blocks) I used 2 inches, and after sewing 1/4 inch seam on both sides, it resulted in 1.5 inch strips.  Also, because I am not good at sewing sashing, I cut mine up to be 6.5 inches (the same width as the blocks) and put squares of a slightly darker fabric where the white strips of sashing cross.  These little squares in the middle helped me gauge my sewing and I just had to make sure that all of the seams matched.   Some might say this seems harder, but it was actually my laziness that made me do this.  Shhhhh!  Don’t tell anyone the I am a lazy quilter!

Since this quilt was made from remnants, I did not have a lot of large leftover pieces to make a back, but with the leftover sashing pieces (I had a LOT of those left over 🙂 ) I pieced together a back.

Then, I basted and quilted.

I chose to do a flourish pattern.  I have wanted to try it for a while and just needed the perfect quilt to try it on.  I think it works very well for this quilt and gives it a great underlying texture.

I chose a tan colored thread.  It really pops in the sashing (and in the center of the back of the quilt) but otherwise it is hidden throughout the rest of the quilt.

This is what it looks like after washing:

free motion machine quilting design pattern

The quilt top started out about 98 inches by 91 inches, but I think quilting might shrink it a bit.  By the time it was quilted and the binding was on, it was only 95 inches by 87 inches.  And after washing it was 91 inches x 84 inches.  Wow.  It’s hard to figure out exactly how large your quilt top needs to be when it keeps shrinking in every step 🙂

But, in the end, it fits a queen sized bed very nicely.

queen size nine patch quilt

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Aug 20

Practicing quilting on baby quilts (16&17)

Using more remnant fabrics, I made quilts 16 and 17 so that I could practice different quilting patterns and different machine quilting patterns.

Quilt 16

Quilting a floral pattern

I used the half square triangles to make more diamonds in yellow, pink, green, and floral.  Then, I quilted over it using swirls and five-petaled flowers. I love how the quilting shows up on the plain yellow and green blocks so well.   I guess that is what happen when you quilt with bright pink thread!  This quilt was given to my husband’s cousin who had a baby girl.

Quilt 17 was pieced from a pattern found on the internet, but I forget where or what it was called.  It was made by sewing five long strips of fabric in varying widths together, then cutting the strip into squares.  Then, the squares were cut into diagonals twice (cut an X into the square) and , sewn together, somehow it made this:

Quilt #17

It was a fun little experiment.  Then, I quilted the three layers together with pink thread in a spiral pattern.

Quilt #17

This is quilt 17 after it was washed.

In this end, this quilt, which became very soft after washing it, was sent to another of my husband’s cousins, who also had a baby girl.

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