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Sep 25

Jelly Boy quilt (39)

I finished a quilt that I was making for a neighbor having their first boy.

Jelly RollI had purchased this Jelly Roll half off at JoAnn.

I wanted to test and see how far one jelly roll could go.  Could it make the whole front of a baby quilt?  I didn’t want to just do a stripe quilt, so I thought I would mix it up by sewing them together on an angle.  I drew lines 2 inches from one end of each strip.  This is where I would place the next strip to be sewn.

sew strips together diagonallyThen, I cut off one side of the selvage edges.

cutting diagonal stripsThen, I put this cut edge along my cutting board and cut the sewn strips in a 90 degree angle.

cut diagonal strips at right angleI placed the remaining fabric next to the other side of the sewn strips.

Sewing diagonal strips togetherI sew the two remaining pieces together, and clip off the other selvage edge of the strips.

I then added a cream colored sashing and prepared a backing for the quilt.

Jelly boy quilt backing

The fabric in the back is this nursery rhyme fabric, that i love (I bought 7 yards of it!   I better love it!)

nursery rhyme fabricI quilted the diagonal strips in an elongated meandering pattern and the sashing in a geometric pattern.

Elongated meandering quilting

Quilted SashingI bound it with a dark brown patterned fabric.  Then, I washed it.

Jelly Boy Quilt Front

Front and back.

Jelly Roll quilt back

Here is an image of it close up:

Close up after Washing

And, since I had extra binding, and a little extra fabric, I went ahead and made a glorified burp cloth.

quilted burp cloth

I have never spent so much time on something intended to be spit up on.  But, I love it!

Before I washed this quilt, it was 34 inches by 51 inches.  After washing, it was 31.5 inches by 47.5 inches.  That is about a 7% decrease because of shrinkage.


Aug 22

Baby Boy quilts using Jelly Rolls (29&30)

By this time in my quilting journey, I began reading quilting blogs.  I finally figured out what a jelly roll was, and realized it’s potential.  I found some jelly rolls in Joann, and I took one of them (with some scrap fabrics from quilts 25 and 26 (my baby’s new quilt and the alternating nine-patch) and made this fun baby boy quilt.

Blue, Green, and white baby boy quilt

A quilt made with Jelly rolls, scraps, and white sashing.

Using white thread in a loopy pattern, I machine quilted this top to a fun blue and green flourish pattern.  I bound it with a green binding and I feel I am finally perfecting my binding.

I was free-motion quilting this quilt when labor began.  I wanted to finish it so badly, but my body had other ideas and we made it to the hospital dilated to an eight.  It’s probably a good thing I stopped :).

I CANNOT TELL YOU HOW MUCH READING QUILTING BLOGS HAS IMPROVED MY QUILTING!  I felt like I was stuck in a rut.  Here I had a passion for quilting, and it felt like I was alone with my sewing machine, and that I had no one to ask questions or learn from.  THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU QUILT BLOGGERS!  I believe I have gleaned knowledge from looking through so many of your sites.

I then decided to use these same jelly roll fabrics to make another baby quilt with another nine-patch with sashing design.

Boy Blue quilt with Jelly Rolls

A nine-patch quilt with blue sashing.

Reversible quilt

This is the back side of the boy blue nine-patch quilt. I love double sided quilts

So, you’ve probably noticed that I’m not a professional  photographer.  I mostly use my iPhone because it is so easy to transfer photos, and I usually have my iPhone with me wherever I go.  But, here is my double sided quilt.  Now I know that one Jelly Roll can make about two baby quilts (with the use of additional fabrics).