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Sep 12

Big Boy Bed! (38)

I managed to do a little sewing this week.  My little baby boy is turning into a big boy and has taken a huge step in life.  We have moved him out of his crib and into his big boy bed.  Well, it’s not a twin bed, but it’s larger than a toddler bed.  And, rather than spend the money to buy him a comforter to go on it, I chose to make him one.  I purchased the bed at IKEA and happened to stumble across the fabrics that everyone is talking about.  Yes, they are way cute, and yes, I bought some.  Being a sucker for a bargain, I snatched up a mini bolt that was 42 inches (really 46 from selvage to selvage) by 118 inches for $10 and another for $8.   Instead of piecing together a quilt, I decided to use one whole cloth for the top and another for the bottom.  It’s not laziness, i really liked the fabric that much (and I was being lazy).

Since I needed to use as much of the fabric as i could, I chose to baste it, selvage to selvage, making sure it met the backing, selvage to selvage.

Basted quilt, with the light from my sewing machine shining through.

And I quilted it, selvage to selvage, in a swirly curly pattern.  I chose this one because, to me, it is playful.  I also wanted to practice making more  circular and consistent curls.

Quilted in swirly pattern

Once the entire quilt was quilted, I needed to choose a binding.  This is always tough for me, and I tend to rely on other’s opinions.

Car side with binding options

The hard part with this quilt was that I had made it double sided, so that once my baby boy has outgrown it, my little baby girl could use it next.

Morning Market side with binding options

I felt the orange looked best with the car side, but the green looked best with the market side.  So, I did what any good mother would do.  I went to the one who could speak (barely) and said, “Green or Orange?”


Orange it is!  My son loves the quilt, but the funny part is, he doesn’t like the partial cars on the edges.

“Fixsch it.”

“It’s not broken, sweetie.  It’s driving away.  There is nothing to fix.”

“Oh.  Otay.”

The Final Product!

I tucked him in for his nap today.  He loves it.

Before washing, this puppy measured 45 inches by 70 inches.  After washing, it measured 42.5 by 64.5.  Thats an average of 6% shrinkage.

And in case you were wondering how “Draw Bus” is coming along…

draw bus

Look! You can actually see a bus!

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