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Mar 28

Half Square Triangle Quilt Complete! (59)

Last Monday, I joined Amy’s “One thing, One Week” challenge.  I wanted to finish my half square triangle quilt.  Well, I got it done!


I have always wanted to do a half square triangle quilt, well, a big one anyway.  And, while blog browsing, I saw that a few people following Liz’s Blog were making one as well, so I decided to join along.  Using my stash, made over 400 half square triangles.   I sewed them first into rows of 18, and then pieced 22 rows together.


Using my Grass Green Kona and strips of left over fabric, I pieced a fun quilt back.



After working on my Flying Geese Quilt “Lemonade Stand,” I vowed to never do straight line quilting on a large quilt again.  But, this one was begging for it.  So, I went ahead and stitched around most of the seams, but I decided that stitching next to the diagonal seams would be overkill.  I love the look of it.  And, I think I am finally over my fear of straight line quilting!  (BTW, the wrinkles seen on the back of the quilt are from shadows, not from sewing over puckers.  Ever since I’ve used Crazy Mom Quilt’s basting tutorial, I have had VERY VERY few puckers in my quilts, all of them easily fixable.)

This quilt measures 94.5 inches by 70.5 inches after washing.  I forgot to measure it before washing, but it was probably 72 x 96.  This size makes it a very generous twin sized quilt.


I also chose to do a scrappy binding.  I had a lot of fabric choices for the binding, but I chose to stick with the cooler colors of green, blue, and purple.

I also had exactly enough left over HST’s to make a quilted pillow sham, with the grass green Kona for the back, and the left over scrappy binding.


So, here it is.  Thanks for stopping by!


Oct 29

Triangles Squared (42)-Blogger’s Quilt Festival

This is my first blogger’s quilt festival I’m excited to be a part of it.

Amy's Creative Side - Blogger's Quilt Festival

I’ve had this quilt design in my head for a while, then I decided to scratch it out on a piece of paper, then I decided it was time to quilt it.

Half Square Triangle design sketch

The quilt doesn’t follow the sketch exactly, but I pretty much let the squares tell me where they wanted to go.  I also let the squares tell me how big they wanted the quilt to be.  Since the squares got tired of me making them, they decided to only be the size of a large baby quilt or small lap quilt.

After the half square triangles were all put together, I decided to add a border or two around it.

As you can tell, I changed my mind.

But don’t worry, I was able to use the flower strips for the back, which will be shown later.

And then I began the quilting process.  This is always the hardest part for me.  What thread color?  What quilting pattern?  Free motion or straight stitch?  Follow the design of the quilt top, or do a quilting design independent of the quilt top pattern.  So, I thought I would try a free motion following the quilt top pattern.  First, I quilted all of the white triangles.  Here it is, seen from the back.

Then, I filled in the colored triangles in the opposite direction.  Here is a close up of the final quilting as seen from the back.  Don’t look too close, you’ll find errors.  I’m human, after all.  Not a machine.  🙂

I have to admit, I love the quilting pattern that I chose for this quilt.  I also did some straight stitch with red and orange string in the purple border.  I was on the fence about this, I almost didn’t quilt it at all (as seen in the picture below) but I’m glad I did.

I then bound it with a scrappy binding, and washed it.  Before washing, this quilt (fabrics pre-washed, batting wasn’t) measured 56.5  inches x 63 inches.  After washing, it was 54 x 60.

Here is the finished quilt front.

Triangle Squared Quilt

Half square triangle close up

Here is the finished quilt back.

Triangles Squared quilt back

Half Square Triangle quilt back

The back is made of scraps from the front and fussy cut pictures from fabric from IKEA.  I previously used it in this quilt.

I learned from this quilt that it is OK to try new things.  Sometimes, (like my border) they might not work.  But sometimes, they do work.  Trust your gut and go for it.  Thanks for stopping by.