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Jan 31

Morning Star (144)

Fons and Porter Morning Star


This fun little quilt can be found in the Spring 2015 edition of Fons and Porter’s Scrap Quilts Magazine.  It is 70 inches square (I know, an odd size, but I only had enough fabric to make a short twin quilt–or wide lap quilt).


This quilt was made with a fat quarter set of Carolyn Friedlander’s Botanics line.


I used a paper piecing technique to create it.  The botanics line was fun, but I found some of the fabric colors were extremely saturated and vivid, while other fabrics were fairly muted.  I wanted to create a pattern that could use all of fabrics in a complimentary way.


I did a simple straight line stitch around most of the horizontal and vertical seams, and in the inside and outside of the diamonds.


Working with the botanics line was a lot of fun.  I really enjoy using Carolyn Friedlander’s designs.  I find the designs to be subtle, which lets the eye focus on the colors and design of the quilt.  To me, her designs are perfect for quilting.


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Nov 06

Stars and Nines (128)


This quilt has been gone for over a year, and I’m glad to finally have it home.




Not only was it featured in Fons and Porter’s Scrap Fall Quilts 2014, but it will make a debut in the Fons and Porter Video Series this upcoming year.

fons and porter picture

(photo from Fons and Porter.  You can order the digital pattern here)


This design came to me as kind of a fluke.  I had a bunch of 2.5 inch squares cut out for some sort of scrap quilt, so I began to sew them into nine-patches.  I wanted to try a unique way to assemble them, like a Jack’s Chain type design.  And so, I came up with this design.



One of my favorite parts of this quilt is the resulting scalloped edge.  It required me to cut the binding on the bias, but what a charming edge to this quilt.



I of course made a test block before cutting the fabric for this quilt, and I realized that there are so many other fun ways to use this pattern.  I feel like this quilt highlights the nine patches, but you could make this quilt using one fabric for the nine patch squares, almost as the background, and make the stars really pop.


quilting on minky


I made this quilt for my daughter as her winter quilt, so I backed it with a bright magenta mink.  I like to use a loose quilt design with these heavier minky quilts.  This quilt is quilted using a floral paisley design.


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Sep 14

Trifecta Quilt (112)

I had many fat quarters of Hokkah Wa-Modern (the pink colorway) in my stash, and for years I was stumped on how to use them in a quilt.  One day, while playing with an equilateral triangle grid, I drew out this design, and I knew I wanted to use my Hokkah fabrics (and many others) in it.



Triangle strip quilt


I was so excited to see my design turn out like I had planned!  This quilt incorporates a lot of my favorite components of quilting…fun negative space, strip piecing, easy cutting with little waste, and you can use scrap strings!  This quilt was initially made for the Home Machine Quilt Show as part of the Salt Lake Modern Quilt Guild display.  Our focus was negative space.


Triangle strip quilt


This quilt is currently featured in Fons and Porter’s Sept/Oct 2014 Love of Quilting Magazine.

Triangle strip quilt


I used straight line quilting in a diagonal grid for this quilt.  It was fun drawing this quilt and having it come into reality.   The best part was when a friend asked me how big it would be initially, I said, “I don’t know, maybe a lap size?” When I ended up with a near-queen sized quilt, I laughed at how off my calculations were.


OK, I didn’t calculate.  I just cut and sewed.


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Trifecta quilt


(It becomes a wrestling mat.)