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Jan 05

Diamond Baby Boy Quilt (46)

With my last quilt, I was able to get my kids to hold the quilt for me.  This time, though, I only had the pre-kindergarten ones home.  So, I held the blanket, and the 5 year-old took the picture.

diamond baby quilt

diamond baby boy quilt

diamond quilt close up

I think she did very well, just held at an angle.  She is my camera girl; she loves taking pictures.  Here are some other pictures she took:

Sewing machine

My Sewing Machine

fabric close up


ironing board

The Iron

and she also took a lot of self portraits

Then, I took the camera away from her.

diamond quilt up close

Here is the machine quilting close up.

diamond quilt backing and binding

I backed this quilt with the nursery rhyme fabric.  Mostly because I love it, and it is a baby blanket.  This is my 3rd quilt that I have backed with this fabric.

If you want to learn how to do a diamond quilt, I used this tutorial from Urban Patchwork.  I ended up making two less rows (horizontal) than she did, so mine was shorter.  Before washing, it was 37.5 x 46.5 inches.  After washing, it was 35.5 x 44 inches.  I think one thing I will do the next time I make one of these quilts is cut the striped fabric differently.  In this quilt, I cut my original 4 inch strips so that I was cutting through the lines.  I think next time I will cut my original 4 inch strip WITH the stripes, that way the stripes will be parallel to two sides of the diamonds.

And I loved it so much, I have another one ready to iron.  And another one cut out.  I might try to do one argyle.  Maybe 🙂


Aug 20

Scrap Baby Quilts (11, 12, 13)

So, after making quilts 9 and 10 with all of those fat quarters, I had a lot of extra scrap fabric.  I decided to make some scrap quilts.

Quilt 11 was inspired by a quilt in “Quilts and More” magazine, a magazine I chose at random while waiting to check out at Joann.

I used the scrap pieces from quilt 10 and pieced them together by color to make squares (even the white pieces were pieced together) and then made half square triangles from them.   I then took the two half square triangles and stacked them one on top of the other to make them into diamond shapes.

Quilt #11

This was the only picture I have of this quilt.  I don’t normally like to post pictures of my children on the internet, but I had no other pictures of this quilt.  I quilted it using a multicolored thread in a spiral pattern with multicolored thread.  I was able to donate this quilt to an auction for a local youth group.  The people who bought it were soon to be grandparents and were excited to have it be a part of their home.

I have no pictures of quilt 12, but I used the remaining blocks from quilts 9 and 10 and combined it with solid squares of those fabrics and pieced squares of those fabrics.  I then quilted it with diagonal lines (making an X through each square) and the same curvy lines as seen in quilt 10, making the impression of alternating diamonds and circles throughout the quilt.  I gave that quilt to a cousin expecting their first baby.  Since they live in a foreign country, and I don’t know how to say “quilt” in their language, I’ll go ahead and skip asking them for a picture.

Quilt 13 has a permanent home in the playpen at my mom’s house.  It is also made from the scraps of quilts 9 and 10 (can you tell that I didn’t yet have a real sense of how much fabric I needed to make a quilt? )  I was inspired by this quilt, called Cubic Rhythm, also found in the Quilts and More Magazine, spring 2009 edition:

Cubic Rhythm, from Spring 2009 "Quilts and More" Magazine

I mostly liked using the different quilting patterns in each square of color.  So, I tried that.  And I decided that it was hard.  I need a lot more practice with that type of free motion quilting!

Quilt 13

Not exactly a work of art, but it was a fun quilt to practice different machine quilting designs

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