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Oct 08

Draw Bus is DONE! (40)

car quilt

This quilt’s dimensions are 39 in. x 67 in.  I decided to quilt it in a meandering quilting pattern with multicolored thread.  I know, unoriginal, but I was nervous about trying other patterns.  I thought about doing cars over the whole thing.  I’ll have to try that on another one.  I also thought about doing a different quilt pattern for every type of fabric, and then doing echo quilting INTO the automobiles, but I chickened out.  Or, maybe I was just being true to myself.  Who knows, but I love how it turned out.

House block up close. Windows are half inch by half inch.

I chose the grey fabric to bind the entire quilt.  I thought orange, yellow, red, or the floral pattern on the VW bug would be too busy and bright, and I didn’t have enough of the purple or blue, which I thought would also be nice, so I went along with the grey.

Some of the blocks have pieces as small as 1/2 inch by 1/2 inch (final size).

My favorite automobile is probably the Front Loader.  Especially the dirt.  I don’t know why.

front loader quilt

My son’s favorite automobile?  Need you ask?

I used the “nursery thyme toile” fabric (the sky fabric) for the back.