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Nov 15

Brown and Blue Boy Twin Quilt (43)

Brown boy twin quilt

I finished my PTA fundraiser quilt!  Before washing, this quilt was 67 inches by 85 inches.  After washing, it was 65 inches by 83 inches.  So, this time it only had a 3% shrink factor.  I don’t get the inconsistencies when I do the same thing with all of them (pre wash fabric, don’t pre wash batting) but come out with the quilt shrinking 6% one time and only 3% another.  Oh well.  Maybe if they had more funding in Quilt Science, we could figure this mystery out.  Until then, I’ll just roll with it.

So, I’m going to show you two seams, and I want you to guess which one was pressed to one side, and which one was pressed open.

Seam A:

Seam B:

(I’ll give you a hint.  If you scroll your mouse over the picture, the answer will appear!)

Isn’t that interesting?  I didn’t think pressing the seams open would make that big of a difference, but it almost seems to disappear in the quilt.  The one pressed to one side, however, is obvious.  I think I might have to start pressing my seams open, well, at least when I am using fabric of the same color.

So, here are some more pictures.  I didn’t purchase the backing fabric until after the quilt was made and I thought it was perfect.  Way better than the girly flowery one I was going to use 🙂

I’m glad I chose to use brown thread to quilt it instead of white.  You can’t really tell in the white part from a distance, and it isn’t that distracting from close up, either 🙂

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Nov 13

A few Works in Progress…

I haven’t blogged in a while, but it is because I’ve been busy making these:

Scrappy string quilt blocks

and cutting them into these:

arranging them into these:

And soon, I’ll be sewing it into a quilt.

Isn’t it bright?  Like the circus.  Is that a good thing?  Well, even it if is crazy looking, it works because this one is going to be mine 🙂

I’ve also been working on a few of these:

To put into one of these:

To donate to the PTA for a fundraiser auction.  It is almost done.  I’ll hopefully have pictures by Monday.  I was inspired by this quilt from crazy mom quilts, but instead of choosing the white thread, I went along with the brown thread.  I hope I made the right choice.

Both quilts are twin.  The string quilt is going to be 9 blocks by 12 blocks (total of 108 8.5×8.5 inch blocks).  I found the tutorial here by film in the fridge.  Here is her final product.  Isn’t it beautiful.

And, if you are looking for a manly quilt, go to me? a mom? It is very similar to a string quilt, only with less sewing and more exact measuring.  She is currently having a quilt-a-long and is also having a giveaway.

Well, off to bed.  Hope to have one of these done soon, since the auction is on FRIDAY!!!