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Oct 07

Intersections Quilt (163)

Many years ago (almost 1.5 years ago!) I made this quilt using Zen Chic’s Figures collection.  I loved how it was both masculine and, with the coral color, a bit feminine as well.  This quilt went to my kid’s teacher.  IMG_6129

You’ll notice that, in the process of making this quilt, I cut off a lot of corners.  Well, I saved those corners, and decided to sew them together–to make intersections.


Then, after I made these square intersections from my triangle scraps, I sewed them to rectangles, and then sewed those rows to other rows with other squares and rectangles, and BAM!  This quilt top was born.


To be honest, this quilt top has been sitting around my house for over a year.  Just a lonely quilt top.  It was a busy year.  And beside it sat a lonely cut of yellow minky. Not exactly a matching yellow, but a soft irresistible yellow, because at that point in time, there was no such thing as a matching yellow minky.


And so, after a neighbor had a baby, I took that yellow minky fabric, and with cotton batting in-between, basted it to that quilt top.  After many times sewing the quilt sandwich in a straight line echo stitch over and over and over again, it was finally done.


All it needed was to be bound, which I did with this super dark navy blue Kona cotton.


And it was complete.  It is now in the hands of a new owner, a little boy about 2 months old.  Not bad for a quilt top that has been sitting around for a year.   And, seriously, that yellow non-matching minky feels AMAZING!

intersections quilt

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May 11

Scrappy boy quilt with 2.5 inch squares complete! (62)

I am linking up to Lee’s “Work in progress” post.

1)  These past two weeks have been fun sewing weeks.  Last time, I had finished a scrappy girl quilt, and said that I had the squares cut out to make a boy one just like it.  Well, I finished it, so here they are, in a side by side comparison…

The girl version of the scrappy quilt

The completed boy version of the scrappy quilt.

And, here are the quilt backs, to see another way I changed things up a bit.

The back of the scrappy girl quilt.

The back of the scrappy boy quilt.

I decided to use a bright blue for the binding.  I love how it frames the dark expresso color.

I had used free motion meandering for the girl scrappy quilt, but then I decided to try a more geometric pattern with the boy one.  So, I did a grid pattern.   After washing and drying, it measured 37.5 inches by 47.5 inches.  It will be a gift to a family that is pregnant with their first baby boy.


2)  I was also able to piece the entire top to the pirate boat quilt, and I also made a lot of progress for the back.


Pirate boat quilt top.

This quilt will be given to my kid’s teacher, who LOVES pirates.  I couldn’t quilt do super fancy pirate boats, but I hope she still appreciates it.  I worked on the back as well, and I am hoping to have this thing finished by this weekend!  (The quilt back has the kids names on it, but for privacy’s sake, I blurred them out.  So don’t worry, it didn’t bleed!)

3)  I still need to find the perfect backing for my string quilt…

4) Bursting star quilt–no progress.

5) Diamond boy quilt–no progress


So, one quilt complete, four still in progress.

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Mar 17

Nature Path Quilts (55 and 56)

I finished two baby boy quilts.  And I even used floral fabrics!


These quilts were very easy to make.  I cut 3.5 x 5.5 inch blocks and 3.5 x 2 inch blocks from a few (somewhat) neutral solid fabrics, and I cut 3.5 x 3.5 and 2 x 5.5 inch blocks from a variety of patterned fabrics.  In my case, I used fabrics that remind me of nature (florals, leaves, swirls, damask).





After sewing them into this design, I knew right away that I wanted to do straight line quilting.


I think the straight line quilting adds to the masculinity of this quilt.


And, of course, I had to do the gray binding.


I named these quilts “Nature Path” because of the organic-looking fabric organized with neutrals in a pattern that resembles pavers on a pathway.    I wish I could be on a cute path in the woods right now!


I chose a Michael Miller fabric (I believe it is called “Esther”) for the backing of both quilts.


Michael Miller Ester fabric used as a quilt backing


I think I have discovered that I love a backing that pops.


scrappy boy quilt front and back

These quilts were 41 inches x 40 inches before washing, 38 inches x 39 inches after.

Oh, and another fun thing.  “Ugly Fabric, Awesome Quilt” reared it’s ugly head at a church activity, as the backdrop of a pioneer display.  I love that quilt. 🙂