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Jan 24

King sized quilt finished! (48)

Amy from Amy’s Creative Side is having her “One Thing. One Week” Challenge.

After taping…

And basting…

And quilting…

I was finally ready to bind this king sized quilt.

IT TOOK FOREVER!!!  And my fingers were so sore!  But, it was finally done!

And so, the largest quilt I have ever made was complete!

This quilt measured 111.5 inches by 103.

A mother of a quilt for my mother of a mom 🙂

But, my goal for Amy’s “One Thing, One Week” challenge was to bind, not one, but two quilts.

As my husband would say, “Done and Done!”


Aug 19

Black and white window quilt – Current project

I’ll number this quilt when I am done with it, but I thought I would pause on listing the previous quilts to show the current project I have.

Black and white quilt

If you are wondering what happened to the color, just know that your computer screen is fine.  This is my twin size black and white quilt.  It is halfway through the quilting process.  I just need to get my machine back from the tune up guy 🙂

Black and white quilt

I chose a gray cotton thread to quilt it.  I thought white would look too bold on the black squares and take away from their subtle differences, and the black would look to heavy on the white sashing.  So, I am compromising with myself.  I was tempted to go bold and do it all in red.  Maybe next time!

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