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Nov 03

Baby Boy Lattice Quilt

I wanted to make a baby quilt with charm squares on point, and I happened to stumble upon Amy Smart‘s Tutorial on Moda Bake Shop.  I knew I could either figure out all the math for myself, or use her easy-to-understand tutorial.

Charm Squares on Point quilt

It was hard to choose which color sashing to do.  I immediately thought of white, but some of these fabrics are so light that I wanted to change it up a little.  I think this would look good in a natural tan color as the sashing too, or even a dark denim color, but I went bold and used navy.   The squares are a combination of multiple fabrics from DS Quilt lines and some matching charm squares.

I used a light blue Gutterman thread to quilt this in a free motion meandering pattern.  I think it would have also looked good with a straight line quilting following the sashing lines.  But, I couldn’t do it because…

… I chose the DS Quilts plaid fabric for the back.  I knew I wanted to use this, but I also knew that unless I was able to get the sashing lines (and therefore quilting lines) to match exactly with the plaid lines in the back, it would forever drive me nuts.  So, rather than allow the perfectionist in me to make quilting a frustrating process, I went with free motion meandering.

quilt back

This quilt was bound with DS quilt stripe fabric.  I think it ties it all together well.

This quilt measured 37.5 inches x 45 inches before washing, and 35 inches by 42 inches after washing.

quilt binding

And, after making 5 twin and lap sized quilts, it sure felt good to make a baby quilt!!!  Thanks for stopping by!


Sep 10

Scrappy zig zag quilt II (70)

Someone had seen my scrappy zig zag quilt and asked if I could make one for her one year old using her own fabric.  Some was fabric she bought, but others were fabric with meaning, like an old shirt, a sheet, and something from her own grandmother’s stash.  I agreed and began working on it as soon as she mailed the fabric to me.  What a fun bunch of fabric:  Horses in green, Monster’s Inc. in yellow (with all of the pink purposely left out), kids in space,  octopus and seahorses, cowboys, robots…

I added some solid greens, aquas, orange, and red to add some breaks in the patterned fabrics.

Here is the quilt next to the original zig zag quilt.  I had to take a picture of them side by side.  It was like having siblings next to each other.

two scrappy zig zag quilts

With this new quilt, I made sure to not have the brown patterned fabric be the first strip I sewed on to the triangles, that way the scrappy zig zags would stand out more from the background.

Here are the quilt backs side by side.  The lady had sent me a sheet from her husband’s youth for the backing material.  It was straight vertical lines, but I cut it a little on the bias to give it more of a diagonal line.  I figure since the grain of the fabric is all over the place on this quilt anyway, it wouldn’t matter if the backing is a little off as well.  I like the final look.  Do you like how the backing and binding in these two quilts alternate, as if I planned it that way?  I didn’t, but I think it is fun!


quilt backs


After washing, this quilt measured 35 inches x 46.5 inches.

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