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Aug 22

Baby Boy quilts using Jelly Rolls (29&30)

By this time in my quilting journey, I began reading quilting blogs.  I finally figured out what a jelly roll was, and realized it’s potential.  I found some jelly rolls in Joann, and I took one of them (with some scrap fabrics from quilts 25 and 26 (my baby’s new quilt and the alternating nine-patch) and made this fun baby boy quilt.

Blue, Green, and white baby boy quilt

A quilt made with Jelly rolls, scraps, and white sashing.

Using white thread in a loopy pattern, I machine quilted this top to a fun blue and green flourish pattern.  I bound it with a green binding and I feel I am finally perfecting my binding.

I was free-motion quilting this quilt when labor began.  I wanted to finish it so badly, but my body had other ideas and we made it to the hospital dilated to an eight.  It’s probably a good thing I stopped :).

I CANNOT TELL YOU HOW MUCH READING QUILTING BLOGS HAS IMPROVED MY QUILTING!  I felt like I was stuck in a rut.  Here I had a passion for quilting, and it felt like I was alone with my sewing machine, and that I had no one to ask questions or learn from.  THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU QUILT BLOGGERS!  I believe I have gleaned knowledge from looking through so many of your sites.

I then decided to use these same jelly roll fabrics to make another baby quilt with another nine-patch with sashing design.

Boy Blue quilt with Jelly Rolls

A nine-patch quilt with blue sashing.

Reversible quilt

This is the back side of the boy blue nine-patch quilt. I love double sided quilts

So, you’ve probably noticed that I’m not a professional  photographer.  I mostly use my iPhone because it is so easy to transfer photos, and I usually have my iPhone with me wherever I go.  But, here is my double sided quilt.  Now I know that one Jelly Roll can make about two baby quilts (with the use of additional fabrics).