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Aug 22

A Quilting Experiment (27&28)

I have a scientific brain, and I love experiments, so I thought I would try a quilting experiment.

Since I had a lot of pink and green scrap fabrics from my pink and black twin quilt, and other pink and green quilts, I decided to test how different quilting patterns can affect the look of a quilt.

I made two similar quilt tops with the green and pink fabric.  In one quilt, I made all the squares pink and all the rectangles green, and in another quilt, I did the opposite.  I also wanted to do a border around a quilt to see how that affects the overall look.

Yes, I know, I am dealing with a lot of variables here (borders, quilting, design), but take a look at the results!

Quilt experiment meandering

This is a Pink and Green quilt with my normal stippling in a meandering pattern. This quilt has no border.

Stippled quilt up  close.

This is the stippled quilt up close.

Quilt 28 was quilted in a meandering pattern.  I love this look because I find that it makes the quilt seem seamless and unifies the quilt.  I love the texture of the resulting quilt too.  I can’t help but reach out and drag my hand across a finished quilt.

Straight Stitched Quilting

Pink and green quilt with white border and straight line stitching.

Quilt experiment straight stitched up close

Here is Quilt #27 up close

Straight stitch quilting with lines this closely give such an amazing texture and look, but it is very difficult to do!  I started from one end and ended on the other.  I also began stitching from the same side of each quilt, which began to cause problems because the quilt began to shift down with each row. I think the next time, I will start stitching in the middle of the quilt and once I sew a line, I will turn the quilt around and begin stitching from that opposite side.  But, even though it was difficult and took FOREVER, I think the effect is awesome.  I’m a big fan.

This quilt was given to a friend and his wife who just adopted their first baby and I AM STILL SO HAPPY FOR THEM!!!

After doing this experiment, I feel that the quilting affects the resulting quilt a lot!  I think straight line stitching gives it more of a refined and modern look, while the stippling makes it feel more homey and loved.

What do you think?

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