Mar 18

T-Shirt Memory Quilts Complete! (#89 & #90)

In my Cathedral Window Pillows post, I mentioned that I was in the process of making memory T shirt quilts for these same two girls who lost their dad in January.  The quilts are finally done!



These quilts were a stretch for me.  I wanted it to be true to their dad and yet have it fit the style of each girl.  So, the instructions I got was to have a big heart in the middle, one of the girls likes blue, orange, and pink and the other just wanted the quilt to match the t-shirts.  With this, I made the fronts as their dad would have liked to be represented, and I made the backs and bindings as the daughter’s liked.

memory quilt

That “Best Dad Hands Down” T-shirt was made for their dad by these two girls.  I had to include it in both T-shirts, and so I placed them right beneath the large hearts in the center.

memory quilt

The dad’s T-shirts were pretty cool, in that some of them had a design on the front and back, so I was able to use one T-shirt and place a square in both quilts.  The other T-shirts usually had some sort of a match (He liked Nike, and DC, and Hurley) so I pretty much had one of each for the quilts.

The quilting was a struggle for me.  I wanted the T-shirt to stand out, not the quilting.  This meant that I had to sew a quilt design on each individual square with a matching thread.  I haven’t used clear thread yet, and I didn’t want to start on something like this.  So, I used gray thread in the bobbin, and just went from one square to the next, trying to match quilting designs to the T-shirt design.  Also, since I had already bound each square of jersey to shape-flex fusible interfacing, I had to really reduce the presser foot pressure so that my darning foot wouldn’t keep touching the fabric beneath it.  Here are some blocks and their quilting designs.

T shirt quilt quilting

And I also used two separate designs in the heart and the medium gray background fabric.

flame quilting

Yes, those are flames :).  In one of the quilts, I did straight line quilting around the ash gray border.  It turned out not coming together as well as I had hoped, so I just didn’t do it in the second quilt.

The girls have yet to see their quilts, but I hope they love them.  I found making this quilt to be a very healing process.  I hope these quilts allow the healing to continue.

They both measured 67 x 83 inches before washing, and 63 x 79 inches after.

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  1. Mary says:

    Beautiful job. I’m sure it’ll mean the world to the girls.

  2. Alyssa says:

    These quilts are amazing. I started tearing up when I read this, and you did such a beautiful job. These will surely be loved, and I’m sure they will help aid in healing. Great job.

  3. Liz says:

    I love your work, these girls are going to love them.

  4. So wonderful! I recently made a t-shirt quilt, it was quite a challenge! You did a great job on yours!