Nov 15

Sugar Creek Quilt (103)

I finally cut into my DS Quilts Sugar Creek fabric.  I don’t know what design this is, but the reverse (colored small squares, white background) is called a King’s Cross.  So, if anyone knows what this quilt design is called, let me know!

This quilt turned out to be a lot bigger than I thought it would.  The resulting size, before washing, was 80 inches x 106 inches.  After washing and drying, it is now 75 inches x 102 inches.  Here it is on my Queen bed, with a pillow tuck and a 6 inch overhang on either side.

Queen sized bed quilt

I’m guessing it might fit a full bed the best, but who knows!  This quilt will be donated to my children’s school’s PTA for a silent auction.  I always get nervous with the auctions that it will not make as much as I put into it (in supplies) and when you put a quilt out for auction like this, you are asking people to judge how much they think your art is worth.  That is very hard to watch (especially if it doesn’t make much).  But, the last two quilts I have donated made a decent amount, so hopefully this one will, too.

The back side is a DS Quilt Sugar Creek Print (Burgundy flowers) with a little bit of Kona Burgundy on the top, because I just didn’t have enough!   I do this every time!

I quilted it in loops and bound it in another Sugar Creek Print (Blue modern flowers).

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  1. Barbie says:

    Nice work Tanya! I hope it sells for a lot!

  2. sukie says:

    Love it! Go big or go home baby!

  3. tracy says:

    Fantastic job. I love it. I too have a problem with my quilts ending up bigger than initial intentions.

  4. Janita says:

    Tanya, I think it is beautiful! Hope the bidding goes crazy over it. Bless you for all the love you put into it. janita

  5. Gunilla says:

    Absolutely lovely!!! Great pattern, haven’t seen it used like this before!