May 30

Simply Color Ombre Four Patch and Large Zig Zag baby quilts (113, 114, and 115)

I received a Jelly Roll of V and Co’s Simply Color Ombre fabric at a SLMQG meeting a few months ago.  I love the rich bold colors and the lighter pastels that are found in these little 2.5 inch strips, but I did have a difficult time figuring out how to put them together.  I had seen quilts with the alternating four-patches en point, so I figured I could try it with these fabrics.

I put the lighter four patches in one quilt and the darker four patches in another.

simply color ombre jelly roll

simply color ombre jelly roll

I even tried to make it so the lighter four patches were around the outside of the quilt while the darker four patches were in the center.

Ombre Quilts together

For the binding, I used two slightly different colors of Kona, Camellia on the lighter quilt and Azalea on the darker one.

Even though I do not like basting or quilting or binding a quilt with minky, I have fallen in love with the feel of it.  I have decided that with minky quilts, I will strictly do machine binding.  I can’t imagine hand binding to minky.  I have also decided to do uncomplicated quilting.

minky quilt corners

Since I was basting a binding these two quilts, I figured I could baste and bind one more.  I had finished this quilt top a while back, using a light blue text print and 2.5 inch squares of some of Denise Schmidt’s fabrics.

2.5 inch square large zig zag

(Don’t pay attention to the socks behind the quilt!)  The binding is Kona Spring.  Or Pistachio.  I really don’t know.  🙂

corners of minky quilt

And, yes, I did use the same color minky for the backing of all three of these quilts.

minky front and back blue

Minky makes the quilts have such a great drape.  I am nervous about making a twin quilt with minky, but I know that will be in my future.  Hopefully my back and shoulders will be ready for it.

2.5 inch square zig zag

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  1. Bettina says:

    The quilts are very nice and colorful. Please, could you explain what Minky is?

    • Tanya says:


      Minky is a soft, plush, microfiber fabric. I believe it is polyester. While it has a wonderful feel to it, it can be difficult to work with while quilting because the edges curl, it is stretchy, it is heavy, and the grain or lay of the fabric makes it difficult to maneuver during quilting.