Aug 01

Selvage Quilt Challenge

Welcome!  This month, I am hosting Candi’s (from Raccoon Creek Quilts)  Monthly Quilt Challenge.  This month, the challenge will be about selvages.

I remember when I first stumbled upon a selvage quilt, I couldn’t see the attraction to making things out of a piece of useless fabric.  So, for a long time, I would just chop through the selvages without a second thought.  But then, I started blogging and realizing that if I kept cutting it up, then I wouldn’t have that easy reference to the name and designer of those fabrics.  I started looking at selvages as a reference rather than garbage.  And that opened my eyes to looking at a selvage quilt as, not just a scrap quilt, but almost a fabric encyclopedia.  Call me a nerd, but I wanted to make myself a fabric encyclopedia quilt.

So, for the past year, I have decided to cut my selvages and save them folded up in a bag.  One and a half gallon bags later, I think it is finally time to do something with them.  So when Candi asked what types of monthly challenges we would be interested in, I had to suggest a quilt or project using selvages.



Since the selvage doesn’t fray, it can be used a little differently than normal quilting fabric that need 1/4 inch seams to keep from falling out.  Selvages can be any length and any width.  Recently, I have begun cutting off the selvages before cutting up the fabric, that way I have long strips to work with.

Here are a list of great resources to begin your selvage quilt.  I have learned a ton about sewing with selvages from these, and some of these quilts and projects are so spectacular.

Selvage spiderweb quilt (with tutorial)

selvage star quilt

selvage spool quilt 

Selvage recycle symbol quilt

Selvage fish quilt

Selvage string quilt (with tutorial)


Here are some other great non-quilt ideas of what to do with your selvages

Selvage ornaments

Selvage pot holders

Selvage pin cousions

Selvage frock

selvage skirt

Selvage star pillow


And here is a blog that introduces many many more selvage feats (look at her side bar for inspiring photos and posts!)


So the challenge this month:

1)  For those of you with no selvage stash, try to start one.

2)  For those of you with a few selvages, keep saving, and find a project for them.  If you are so motivated, you can even sew a project or a block.

3)  For those of you with lots of selvages and a plan, it’s time to execute!   This could be any project, quilt or no.


I’m in the last category, and it has been fun!  I think my favorite part of selvage sewing is VERY LITTLE IRONING!


So, we’ll see you back here on August 31st!  I’ll set up a linky for us to show off our selvages/selvage designs/finished selvage projects!  By the way, I’m hoping to time this right and have a small giveaway for my 100th quilt, so be sure to come back, whether you have completed a project or not.



  1. Kati says:

    What a fun idea! My selvage stash has been sitting there unused for more than a year. I need to do something with it.

  2. Tina says:

    I’ve been saving selvages for way too long. Now, my friends give them to me! I’m excited to finally do something with them!

  3. Kris Morris says:

    Hi, just to say I am making a bookshelf quilt using selvedges and scraps of material. I saw lots on Pinterest and was hooked!, I’m now going to print photos too on material and frame them on the bookshelf. Think this may end up as a wall hanging in my new sewing room. hope this may inspire others.