Jan 12

Scraps and Scrap Quilt

I am writing this post for Naptime Quilter’s Workshop in Progress.  I just finished basting my string quilt last night, and I am VERY EXCITED to begin quilting.

But, I could use help deciding which color to bind it.  Here are my options:

I think I am liking the green the most, but it doesn’t really go well with the backing.  Hmmmm.  Thoughts?

Also, I was given a large handful of scraps and I love looking at them.  I am, though, very nervous to cut into them because I want to find the best “scrap quilt” design to use.  I’ve thought of Irish chain quilt, or alternating with white squares checkerboard style.  Does anyone have other ideas?  Scrappy log cabin or courthouse stairs?  I’m looking for something girly, so any ideas would be great!



  1. Annie Crow says:

    Your backing is the blue/brown flower fabric? Actually I like the green the best with it. If not the green, then the gray, but I do think the green would go really well.

  2. Tanya says:

    Thank you! Yes, the back is the blue flower with brown background. Kind of random, but I bought it a while ago, not knowing what to do with it. Since this quilt is for me to keep, I thought I might as well use it up!

  3. My vote would be for the white or grey. If you use a colour on the front it will accentuate any similar colours on the top. That isn’t a bad thing, but something to keep in mind. It looks like you have loads of blues, so more blue might be too much.

    As for your scraps, well there are infinite possibilities there! Any idea what sort of quilt you want? Modern, traditional?

  4. Tanya says:

    I like repeating patterns and the scrappy look. I’m not traditional, but I do like to have things look nice and tidy, so maybe not crazy wonky. . . yet. I’ve done Amanda Jean’s scrappy nine patch. And the string quilt. Just looking for something new to try.

  5. felicity says:

    I suggest green – there doesn’t seem to be a lot of green happening on the quilt front, so the green binding will pick up the bits here and there and give your eye lots of things to flit around and look at.

    As for the scraps…what about a ticker tape or confetti quilt? I think AmandaJean has at least one of each on her blog….

  6. I think I would vote for the white or gray, or if dark brown was an option, that would probably get my vote. I tend to think that super scrappy quilts like this one look great if bound in a framing/contrasting color. As for scrap quilts–so many options! I love a simple patchwork quilt for fabric that you really like, or coin quilts work well with scraps, or something with half square triangles would work well. 🙂

  7. Katie B says:

    I think I’d go with the green. I think it would give the string quilt a nice frame. I’d be too scared to bind a quilt in white! I just think of all of the dirt it would show with my 3-year-old and dog 🙂

  8. elle says:

    Nice job on the blocks. I’d lean to a dark binding. The outline around the blue flowers or a brown that is almost black. Your scraps are midsized prints so you might want to have something sized to show off their motifs like square in a square.

  9. amandajean says:

    i think i vote for the light grey for the binding.

    the string quilt is very pretty!

  10. Susan K says:

    WOW your quilt is beautiful – so much work with all the piecing and the fabric selection – I liked the blue binding – I will check back to see how it goes – enjoy

  11. Christin says:

    What about it you used the blue, green, and gray to make a scrappy binding? I like to do that when I can’t decide. However, I do really like when the center of the string quilts matches the binding.

    For the scrappy quilt, I had an idea for randomly placed squares plain colored strips. I’m not sure how to describe it but picture a tile back splash with random colors.

  12. Lesly says:

    Well, I am going to suggest something different altogether. I kind of like the idea of using the same fabric for the back AND the binding. I’m not mad about any of the solids you have as coordinates for the print that you’ve chosen for the back. But I do think that print would look great for the binding. And there’s no reason a binding can’t match the back! For the scraps, I also like the idea of a tickertape quilt. In fact, there is a quiltalong just starting up at the Old Red Barn Co. group on Flickr. They have just started and here is the link to the first set of instructions. http://deeroodesigns.blogspot.com/2011/01/variations-on-theme-round-9-of-orbc.html

  13. If you are looking for good ideas on scrappy quilts, I like Bonnie Hunter’s Quiltville. Lots of good instructions, tutorials, and loads of ideas in her sidebar for patterns. I’m sure that woman has never worked with yardage in her life – just great ideas.
    Also check out Moda Bake shop ( you need to scroll a LOT!) it is laid out like a blog , but there are lots of patterns that can be adapted for our scraps as I’ve never bought a packet of jelly roll or any precut packet in my life and never intend to either! I just finished one called Off the Grid used 5 inch squares and 1.5 inch strips.

  14. Denice says:

    grey. but of course im in love with grey lately. its so neutral and doesnt fight with anything.