Aug 22

Scrappy Wonky Stars Quilt (33)

Since I was using up my 4 x 4 inch scraps, I noticed a small pile of my husband’s chopped up shirts.  I had already made a quilt and a sham, what else could I possibly do with more plaid squares?

Wonky Star shirt quilt

Leftover plaid squares make very manly stars!

Wonky Stars quilt back

The back of the Wonky Star quilt

I love how manly this quilt is.  The backing fabric and binding is extra material from a fort that I made for my kids.  The back, to me, has a very military feel.  I tried to quilt this quilt with a straight line crisscross diagonal pattern, but my machine was having tension issues with my pressure foot, but it did meandering just fine.  Next wonky stars quilt, I’ll work more with straight lines.  This quilt was given to my mother-in-law (since I used her son’s shirts, I thought she would enjoy it the most.)  She is funny because she didn’t put it in the playpen like I thought she would, but she displays it on her living room couch.  I’m so glad that she likes it that much.



  1. Geri nestle says:

    Beautiful quilts! I love the colors and plaid prints! My favorite is the squares and scrappy look! I want to encourage you to use cotton batting if the idea. My Warm and Natural instructions say to quilt 4 inches. I made two quilts …one hand and one machine quilted with lines 4 ” apart and they held up beautifully . That was 15 years ago and it got every day use. A bit frayed now but the batting did not clump. I have seen much older quilts clump with the thick cotton batting used at time in the 40’s and 50’s. I am 70 now and they were my grandmother’s quilts.

    • Tanya says:

      Thank you, Geri, for commenting. The good news is, I have made over 100 quilts since this quilt, and most of them have been with cotton batting! Thanks for the tip, though! I finally figured out the beauty of quilting with cotton batting (Warm and white and Warm and Natural brand)!