Sep 12

Quilt of Valor Using the Summer Sampler and Skill Builder Sampler Blocks (#72)

These last few weeks, I had been on and off working on my Summer Sampler and Skill Builder Sampler block quilt.  These blocks were made using patriotic colors because it was my intention to donate this quilt to the Quilts of Valor Foundation.


I began by arranging the blocks:

Arrange blocks for Quilt of Valor

Then, I added a 2.5 inch sashing between them (making a 2 inch sashing in the final quilt.)

Adding Sashing to the Quilt of Valor

I basted.   (My five-year-old took this picture)

basting quilt of valor

And so it sat, rolled up on my table, just waiting for me to quilt it.  It had been sitting there, untouched, for about a week.   Yesterday, at about noon, I passed by it with heavy feelings in my heart because of the significance of the day.  I looked at that quilt, at that moment, I knew I had to finish it, binding and everything, that day.  I wanted to be able to say that I finished this quilt on September 11, 2011.  I guess I wanted this to be my tangible tribute to my country, to those whose lives were taken, to those who continue to give their service because of what happened ten years ago.  A small token, but I wanted this quilt to have just that much more significance.

So, I quilted.  And I made the binding, and I finished the binding, even the hand sewing part.  I made my goal, and the quilt is done!

Quilt of valor

The back is made using two patriotic fabrics.  One is just a typical stars and stripes on white background.  The other, however, is called, I think “John Adams” and it has all of the signatures of the men who signed the Declaration of Independence.

Here is a close up of both.

And I bound it using blue fabric also found in the pieced blocks.

This quilt measures 58.5 x 71.5 before washing.  So, I just have to wash it, label it, and make a bag for it and it will be sent off to find a new home!

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  1. sukie says:

    Great work! Love all the red white n’ blue action.