Mar 20

Quilt for Baby S (#91)

If I’m making a quilt for someone, I try to ask them, “What colors are you decorating your baby room?” I most often find myself coming home, looking at my limited stash, and thinking, “I’ll just get them something from their Target registry.”  I just don’t have that much fabric on hand, I guess.

I asked my aunt about my cousin’s baby room, she just said “no pink or pastels.”  Well, considering all of my already made baby girl quilts have pink and pastels, I almost started the trip to Target when I found a box of fabric from Anthology that I bought at Spring Market here in Salt Lake.  It was perfect.


coin quilt


I like the fabric collections that are color coordinated, but aren’t at all “matchy-matchy.”    This collection is of that type.  It has bold, bright colors and flowers, but isn’t overwhelmingly feminine.


coin quilt

I wanted this quilt to be like a coin quilt, but I thought it needed a little separation between the fabrics, so I added these strips of background Kona fabric between the patterned fabrics.  I like the look.  I think perhaps I might have to make a boy quilt like this soon.

baby quilt

I used Holly Holderman’s Dolly Dresses Dots for the back.  I am almost out of large panels of my Dolly Dresses fabric.  I never thought I would see the day.  I still have enough to play with, though.  This piece was not quite big enough for this particular quilt, so I added an extra coin strip to the back.  Ignore the huge wrinkles.  They are from the drying process.

baby quilt

I quilted it in a standard free motion meandering design with light thread, and bound it using Metro Living in this dark orange.  I love the look of an orange binding.

mitered corners

I will hopefully ship this off to my cousin tomorrow in anticipation of Baby S’s arrival.

This quilt was 40 x 53 inches before washing.  I forgot to measure it after washing, but it is probably smaller 🙂 but still a pretty nice sized crib quilt.

baby quilt back

Thanks everyone for your lovely comments.  I want you to know how much they brighten my day, and I really do appreciate them.  And thanks for visiting my little blog.



  1. Jill says:

    Looks great overall, but I especially like the bind choice. Such a nice bright pop!

  2. Karen says:

    Its perfect! Isn’t it just wonderful when everything comes together so beautifully.