Aug 20

Practicing quilting on baby quilts (16&17)

Using more remnant fabrics, I made quilts 16 and 17 so that I could practice different quilting patterns and different machine quilting patterns.

Quilt 16

Quilting a floral pattern

I used the half square triangles to make more diamonds in yellow, pink, green, and floral.  Then, I quilted over it using swirls and five-petaled flowers. I love how the quilting shows up on the plain yellow and green blocks so well.   I guess that is what happen when you quilt with bright pink thread!  This quilt was given to my husband’s cousin who had a baby girl.

Quilt 17 was pieced from a pattern found on the internet, but I forget where or what it was called.  It was made by sewing five long strips of fabric in varying widths together, then cutting the strip into squares.  Then, the squares were cut into diagonals twice (cut an X into the square) and , sewn together, somehow it made this:

Quilt #17

It was a fun little experiment.  Then, I quilted the three layers together with pink thread in a spiral pattern.

Quilt #17

This is quilt 17 after it was washed.

In this end, this quilt, which became very soft after washing it, was sent to another of my husband’s cousins, who also had a baby girl.

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