Mar 21

Pollination station- a two patch square quilt (58)

I made this quilt using 3 inch strips of fabric.  I sewed a 3 inch strip of scrap patterned fabric with a 3 inch strip of white fabric and cut those into 5.5 inch squares.  I arranged those squares so that the patterned side alternated with the white side.  Simple enough.

two patch square quilt

Since the piecing was so simple, I wanted to make the quilting be a little feminine.  So, I made flowers.

flower free motion quilting

I had remembered that I had seen free motion flowers on someone’s blog, and of course it is from Elizabeth Hartman of Oh, Fransson! She comes up with the best free motion quilting ideas to use with your home machine!


It was much faster to quilt all of the flowers, and then tie the ends of the thread than it was to do them one by one.  I love how the quilting mimics the Amy Butler flowers (orange and gray) and it also mimics the flowers (Milly) on the backing fabric.


Milly flowers for backing fabric

I chose a Kona Medium Pink for the binding, to soften the look of the quilt and make it more of a baby quilt.


So, there is quilt number 58.  Why Pollination Station?  It rhymed, I’m a science nerd, and it was better than “Flower Power,”

I’m still new at the quilt naming thing.  🙂


Before washing, this quilt measured 40 inches x 45 inches.  After washing, it was 37 inches by 43.5 inches.


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  1. celeste says:

    love the colors/fabrics of this one!