Aug 26

Pink baby doll quilt (35)

So, and update.  I have not yet purchased a new sewing machine, but I’ve been working like crazy piecing other quilts.  My Blue and Yellow Flying Geese quilt is now a quilt top and I am debating on whether or not to add some additional things to the side.

Flying Geese Quilt Top

I wanted to test my Singer to see what exactly is causing the problem.  I have an idea that it might be quilting on cotton or free motion quilting on cotton.  The last time I tried to quilt on a twin size with cotton batting, my machine crashed on me then, too.  So, I decided to run a test run on a baby doll quilt.  I had some 3 in. x 3 in. squares left over from a baby quilt that I am making (I’m excited about that one, too, but I’ll save that for another post) and quickly pieced together a quilt top.  I also used some scraps that I had to piece together a quilt bottom.  I used polyester batting scraps in between, basted them together, and straight stitched diagonal lines in a crisscross pattern.

My machine had no problems quilting straight stitch in the polyester.  But it DOES have problems when I free motion quilt in the cotton.  So, I’ll need to test two more baby quilts and quilt them 1) straight stitch in cotton, and 2) free motion in polyester.  This will narrow it down to see if the problem is cotton, or free motion.

Quilt #35, up close

After quilting it, it was time to choose the binding.  I had three options.

Candy Cane Stripes

Candy Cane Stripes for binding?

Green, Pink, and Brown Stripes for binding?

Pink Hearts for binding?

I favored the green, pink, and brown stripes, but in the end I let my daughter choose.

She chose the hearts.

Here’s the final result!

Pink Baby Doll Quilt top

Here is the quilted top.

Pink Baby Doll Quilt Bottom

Here is the pieced quilt bottom.

Stay tuned for more testing, and I think one of my kid’s friends is getting a baby doll quilt for her birthday!

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