Aug 20

Pillows for a teacher quilt

Hourglass quilt

At the end of last school year, I made this quilt for a teacher of one of my kids.  She loved it, and she said that the colors matched her antique room perfectly.  She was hoping I could make some matching pillows, adding a little more color into the mix.  She purchased a blue fabric that she liked, and so I began thinking…

The limiting factor in this quilt was the amount of scraps I had left over from the original quilt.  I was lucky I saved them, but there were only enough scraps to make 18-4.5 inch hour glass blocks.  So, I split them evenly, nine blocks in one pillow and nine blocks in another, and Kona Bone solid border and and dark brown border.  Here is the resulting pillow:

hour glass pillow

I was not able to incorporate the blue into this pillow (trust me, I tried to somehow work them into the hour glass shapes, but it just wasn’t happening), and she didn’t want the blue in the border, so I had to figure something else out.  I drew up a sketch using half square triangles in the mix and came up with this pillow:

pillow 2

 This block is probably not a new design, but I was not able to find another design like it.  But I’ll be honest, I only spent 30 minutes looking through quilt blocks until I gave up.  So, I don’t know the name of the block, but I know it is a fun one!

Previously, I have made an envelope-backed pillow cover.  This time, I wanted to try a zipper.  I didn’t remember, but should have realized, that when adding a zipper, the edges of the pillows need to have a 1/2 inch seam.  I planned for a 1/4 inch seam, and so my blue corners were cut off at the outer edge.  I’ll plan better next time.  I used this tutorial for my zippered pillow cover.

That’s it, four 18×18 pillow covers.  Hoping to have more to show you soon.  Thanks for stopping by!




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