Feb 05

Pillow shams and covers

I made my first pillow shams and covers.  Remember this quilt?

Hand made king sized quilt

I made some pillow shams for it, and some decorative pillows to go with them all.

hand made quilted pillow shams

These were made from the left over scraps from the quilt.  Well, and I had to buy a few more yards of the green solid.  Pillow shams take a lot of fabric!  And, these pillow shams are for king pillows (20 inches by 38 inches) so that is over a yard of fabric each (I made these shams about 27 x 45).

Although I kind of already had an idea about how to put together these shams, it was helpful that Julie from Jaybird Quilts had just posted a pillow tutorial on “Sew Mama Sew.” I am afraid of the zipper right now (one day…) so I went ahead an used two overlapping back pieces to hold the pillows inside.  This picture is fairly bright, but the red is not that intense in real life.

I was also busy making an iPad cover/case.

I decided on Velcro instead of a snap or button because the last thing I would want is for something (or someone) to smash the hard button or snap into the iPad.

A good lesson I learned is to make sure all of your cut fabric is oriented the right way before quilting.  The pocket’s quilted stripes were supposed to be vertical, not horizontal.  🙂

Here is the inside.  Next time, I will also put the scratchy part of the velcro (hooks) on the front of the pad cover instead of on the flap.  That way, there would be less contact between the iPad screen and the velcro hooks.  But, not bad for not having a tutorial, or a pattern (or an iPad).

Hopefully it fits!!!  Now, to make a Kindle Cover.  🙂


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  1. I’m so glad my pillow tutorial helped you out!