Nov 26

Light Value Scrappy Quilt (104)

low volume quilt

I am loving all of the light value quilts I have seen around the Internet, and since my scrap drawer was getting kind of full, I decided to begin a scrappy light value quilt.

light scrap quilt

I used dryer sheets as a foundation for this string piecing.  I wanted to see if the smell of the dryer sheets eventually faded.  Two washes in, and it is better than when I started, but it still has the dryer sheet smell.  We’ll try one more wash and see what I think then. (Edited to add) After the third wash, there is no overwhelming dryer sheet smell, and that is after I fold it up, smash it against my nose, and take a deep breath.  I think it’s safe to say that using dryer sheets will work as a good foundation for piecing quilts or applique, but I probably won’t sell those quilts, mostly because I don’t know if “Bounce infused quilt” is something people are looking for.  🙂

With this quilt, I also wanted to try out a linear loop quilting design.  Using a varigated pink thread, I did my best to make the loops as even as possible, and I have to admit, I am in love with this quilting style, but for small quilts.  I can’t imagine doing this design for a large quilt.

scrap quilt

For the backing, I used a piece of a large panel of a pink fabric I bought at Joann a while ago.  I used Kona Azure for the binding, and I almost want to have another baby just so I can give her this quilt.


Thanks for stopping by.  This quilt was 38 inches x 44 inches before washing, 35 inches x 40.5 inches after washing.

light value scrap quilt



  1. B Diederich says:

    I adore this. Quite lovely. Why do you use the dryer sheets? I’m not in on the quilting loop lately…
    To me, the quilts that I like best are the ‘scrappy’ quilts and not the precisely pieced, perfect ones. OH, now I want to make one.

    • Tanya says:

      Thank you for your comment. I like scrappy quilts as well (if you can’t tell). 🙂 The reason I used dryer sheets in this quilt was to stabilize the strings of fabric as I sewed them together. There are many types of stabilizers you can use: paper, muslin, interfacing. These are mostly just to support your fabric and make the string sewing process a little more fun and with less curving and warping. In this case, I used dryer sheets because they were available and uniform in size. I also like to use the envelopes of coupons I get in the mail. I’m all about recycling and re-using products. The only bad thing about using dryer sheets to stabilize is that they will maintain that dryer-sheet smell for a while and some people don’t like that.

      Good luck on your scrappy sewing adventures!

  2. Janice says:

    What about using used dryer sheets? The smell is not as strong, only a hint.

    • Tanya says:

      Thank you for your comment. The dryer sheets I used as the foundation were the ones you throw away after drying (so they had already been used in the dryer once). They still maintained a smell for the first two washes, but after that, I couldn’t smell it anymore. But, thank you. I should have clarified that the dryer sheets in this quilt are used dryer sheets.